Add captions to images on Blogger blog


Blogger platform has added a new feature to easily add caption to images without having to mess around with manual code in ‘Edit HTML’ mode. As of now, feature of adding caption to uploaded photos is only available in ‘Blogger in Draft’ editor. Besides showing captions, you can format caption text size and position. [For starters: caption is descriptive text show below photo]

Give captions to photos on Blogger blog

1. Goto & login into your Blogger account.
2. Goto Posting > New Post
3. Click “Compose” button to switch to compose mode.
4. Click ‘Image upload’ icon to upload image to your blog.
5. Single click uploaded image, this will pop up captions bar.

6. Then click ‘add captions’ button and type the caption text, that will appear at the bottom of the image.

Using other options on captions bar you can set caption text size and location among: left, right and center. If you happen to display lot of images of Blogger blog, then caption feature should comes handy for showing text description for each image quickly.



  1. Christina says

    Awesome! This was so much easier than any other method I found, and you introduced me to the Draft editor which I LOVE. Thank you thank you thank you!

    By the way, I couldn’t get it to work in Firefox, so I used Safari instead. I’m on a mac (if that makes any difference).

  2. Thank you sooo much! So easy! And I want to say I use Firefox and it worked no problem. After the pic is loaded you have to click on it and the add caption option appears in the bottom right corner.

  3. KenricoSuave says

    Tried this on OS X with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Still doesn’t work. is this only a function in IE? If so, lame.

  4. No ‘Caption Option’ on my bar after upload: only left right large small remove etc.

    Using Mac and latest Firefox, is this a Windows thing?

  5. the “Add a Caption” button is not an option when you single click the image. You only have the option of how you want the photo placed and how big you want the photo to be.

  6. I have been searching and using the dumbest methods. THANK YOU!! now I can credit people I take pics from.


    • I was finally able to figure out how to add a caption to a photo using your instructions here, so thank you very much. I would just add that it did not work using Firefox. I had to use Internet Explorer, go to and then the “Add a Caption” button appeared when I did a single click on the image. Thank you!

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