Add Facebook share button link to blog / website


Easy sharing on social networking websites like Facebook can bring lot of free and quality traffic to your website or blog. You can easily enable users to share your blog posts or articles by adding a Facebook share button at the start or end of the article page. A user can click that button / link and post the article details on their Facebook profile which can be viewed by connected Facebook friends.

Generate & add Facebook share button link

1. Open Facebook widgets webpage [official generator].
2. Select the style among: button or link.
3. Then configure the counter style for big or small button.


4. Select the “link to share” setting to ‘URL of parent page’.
5. Copy & paste the generated code on your website or blog [wordpress, blogger]. Make sure you test the button, it should work!



  1. rahul gangwar says

    new tips are always useful for new developers…so it’s a great effort.

  2. Saeed Neamati says

    Good article, thanks. I embedded share button in my website, in less than 5 minutes.

  3. facebook is not supporting this type of share button,

  4. Sangram Nandkhile says

    Check out this post to create Large and Small Facebook share buttons

  5. himi mahmud says

    i like your code.thanks

  6. Swathi Reddy says

    userful information.i fell that directly using code is better option who has a little knowledge about php.

  7. J. Ohdo says


  8. Can you give us the code since facebook won’t let us use the share anymore, its just the like. It doesn’t work using the like the way I would want it to… I want the share button back!!

  9. Thnx For your valuable information.From where can i paste the code?

  10. Use to add Facebook Share, Twitter Tweet and other buttons to your site.

  11. this is not facebook share button :(

  12. I want this share button but facebook giving me a like button! :(

    • same problem for me :(
      it gives me like button, no share button on facebook API pages…

    • finaljosh says

      i think the reason for that is because of this:

      Facebook has recently integrated the function of Share button to the Like button giving it me more power over the social media platform.

  13. John Salcedo says

    i have a problem a it’s when the website it’s loaded te counter_box doesnt apear and when i press the button share they count 1 share but if i refresh the page the counter apear blank even put 0 share

  14. joe green says

    do you know the code without the counter? :)

  15. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Thanks a lots. I am a new user and was looking to this.

  17. Wish it were easier to add this to an email. Since you can’t use javascript it makes things pretty difficult. There are some tutorials out there on how to get it done though.

  18. Cool page just just what i was looking for

  19. Butt this button is working nowdays. I think facebook removed this option now.

    • As far as I can tell the straight “Share” button is not longer an option. The “official generator” on the widgets page doesn’t result in anything but the currently glorified like button.

  20. thanks alot for sharing

  21. thank you so much for info, needed it for my website to add the share button :)

  22. Thanks a lot for the code.

  23. Are facebook share button and facebook like button do the same thing?

  24. Yes but facebook doesn’t have this plugin more..

  25. Sorry to be a critic but I didn’t find this of any help. Clicking on the Facebook widgets webpage works, but no SHARE link is there. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks anyway.

  26. That “Facebook widgets webpage” link is so hidden that I had to Google it to find it. Your post was usefull.

  27. True Creative

  28. coool

  29. thanks a lot for sharing such type of use full thing i hope you will come with another new tips in future and thanks one more time

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