Upload & add photos in Facebook comments


Now you can share photos directly in comments section on Facebook website. After adding option for direct upload and sharing of images in Facebook chat box – similar feature has been added to Facebook’s Comments section. User can directly upload any photo stored on the computer and make it display in comment section of status updates of friends (this feature is only available on Facebook profiles and not on Facebook Pages).

Add & share images in Facebook Comments section

Traditionally, to share photo in Facebook comments – one would upload photo on third party websites like flickr, tinypic and then paste url of the uploaded image. In the end result, thumbnail of that image will show up in comments section. With new feature, bigger size photo is diaplayed in comments section and now there is no need to upload photos on third party website – upload directly on Facebook within Comments section.

click camera icon to upload photos in comments section of facebook

1. You should see new camera icon in comments section of updates seen on Facebook website. Under specific update, click on the Camera icon and then select specific photo stored on your computer.

Large size photo along with comment text on facebook

2. After selection, that photo will upload automatically and show as thumbnail preview. Now type any text message (comment) that you want to accompany this uploaded photo and press the Enter key. That photo will be posted in comments section along with text comment and is displayed in larger format (not as thumbnail).

Video: Uploading photos in Facebook comments

This new feature makes commenting more interactive as users can upload images supporting their textual comments. Get started with visual commenting by uploading images along with your comment(s) on Facebook. This feature will be available to everyone in coming weeks.


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