Get back Facebook account login through trusted friends


Have you lost access to your Facebook account? There could be number of reasons like: I have forgotten my Facebook account password, cannot login into email account associated with my Facebook account or worst my Facebook account is hacked and I cannot login. There are number of recovery procedures like reset via email or using two step authentication. Trusted Contacts is latest feature addition that can help you recover Facebook account access with the help of your Facebook friends.

How to use ‘Trusted Contacts’ feature on Facebook

1. While logged into facebook account, click on Gear icon at top right and then click on Account Settings option. On the Settings screen, click on the security tab.

Trusted Contacts feature in Facebook account settings

2. You should see “Trusted Contact: You don’t have any trusted contacts yet” option. Click Edit button next to this option and then click Choose Trusted Contacts option.

What is trusted contacts on Facebook

3. Then you can select 3-5 trusted friends whose help can be used for recovering your Facebook account access in future. You can change and add new trusted friends anytime. Every new friends added as trusted friend is notified about the same. However, any friend removed from trusted friends list will not be notified.

Which Facebook friends to add as trusted contacts

You can choose very close friend whom you can call anytime for help to get back into your Facebook account. Also, your trusted contacts should make sure it’s you before giving you security codes. Once you get codes from your trusted contacts (friends), you can use those security codes to get back access of your Facebook account.

Video: Use ‘Trusted Contacts’ feature on Facebook

Should I use Facebook’s ‘Trusted Contacts’ for recovery

While using this feature, you may discover how hard it is to decide on friends you trust on Facebook. If you can really trust on group of friends on Facebook, then go ahead and use this feature. However, if you have already setup 2 step authentication recovery via mobile phone and using strong account password – this feature for account recovery may not be required.

It is just another option provided by Facebook for account recovery, very similar to security question feature. Here you need to enter unique security codes taken from trusted friends for Facebook account recovery procedure.


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