Can I check, who visited & viewed my Facebook profile


Facebook is all about interacting and sharing with other users. In this process of interactivity, one may be curious to know, which all Facebook users have visited my Facebook profile. Hence, few questions arise like how to check who viewed my Facebook profile? How many times my Facebook profile was viewed? To answer these questions, one needs ability to track users visiting your Facebook profile. Unfortunately, this is NOT possible on Facebook.

Why cannot I track Facebook users visiting my profile

According to Facebook policy and terms of usagethis is not allowed. Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile or parts of your profile like your photos, videos, messages and so on. So by default, you cannot track and check other Facebook users visiting your profile.

What about Facebook Apps claiming to track visitors

Every now and then we notice few Facebook application coming to limelight for their ability to track “who visited your Facebook profile?” and they vanish after sometime. This is because, Facebook removes such applications to be used by its users.

Applications by outside developers cannot provide this functionality. Applications that claim to give you this ability are removed from Facebook for violating policy. Also, Facebook recommends users to report such applications claiming to track user visits to Facebook profile by clicking ‘Report application’ link at bottom of the application page.

Inability to track users visiting your Facebook profile is a result of strict Facebook policy. Hence, don’t expect this feature ever on Facebook (unless Facebook changes its policy on user tracking). Tracking statistics are only available for Facebook Fanpages and NOT for Facebook user profiles.


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