View Internet History of all web browsers at one place

Lot of users install other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari in addition to existing pre-installed Internet Explorer web browser on Windows computer. Each web browser allows you to view and manage browsing history in their own interface. Ever wanted to view Internet browsing

Can I remove Download button from photos on Facebook

Facebook has been adding lot of enhancements to photos section. Every photo you upload has 'Download' button allowing quick downloading of current photo on Facebook website. Hence, any user who has access to view specific photos will get to see 'download' button and can use it to download

Best tips to protect & secure Facebook account

Facebook account is an online identity for majority of users. Hence, it is important to secure your Facebook account. You can easily secure and protect Facebook account from bad elements by following few basic routines. It involves keeping your computer and web browsing habits in good

Can I check, who visited & viewed my Facebook profile

Facebook is all about interacting and sharing with other users. In this process of interactivity, one may be curious to know, which all Facebook users have visited my Facebook profile. Hence, few questions arise like how to check who viewed my Facebook profile? How many times my Facebook

See list of computers & devices using my Internet connection

In wireless internet setup environment, number of devices can connect to same internet source automatically. At some point of time, this question may arise - how many and which devices, computers, laptops are using and connected to my internet connection? You can easily get this

Facebook DisLike ‘I Dont Like’ button

For start - there is no Facebook dislike button and will never be, so don't install any application or javascript claiming to be official dislike button on Facebook. [I just got the Dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts LOLs],  [Get official dislike button NOW] are

Prevent Cyber bullying of kids on Internet: safety tips

Bullying has sadly become part of every stage of our growing up. It starts at impression-able young stage of school life while in teens. We are all familiar with bullying and its dangerous after effect in schools and colleges. It has now spread online and this form of bullying is called

Connect to wifi internet on BlackBerry Playbook

You can easily connect to the internet using wifi connection your BlackBerry Playbook device. It can establish connection with wifi network at your home or at public places like hotels, airports, shops and allows your to surf websites and online applications on Playbook tablet. Once you

Add Facebook ‘Send’ button to email & share privately

Facebook has number of buttons and widget boxes for integration with websites, blogs and journals. After huge success of Facebook Like button (which is seen on majority of websites and blogs), Facebook has introduced Facebook 'Send' button. It looks very similar to Facebook Like button but

Crazy Internet power consumption [infographic]

Internet is expanding rapdily and so are resources required to run the internet. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM are building large server farms to run their application and services on the internet. Besides the huge hardware requirement such facilitates require lot of

Install Windows Live Essential 2011 without internet

Windows Live Essential 2011 is a collection of free software programs from Microsoft. It includes tools like Live Messenger, Photogallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Mesh, Windows Live Writer, Bing Bar, Microsoft Silverlight and more. Ideally, you can easily download and install Windows

How to create Groups on Facebook

Do you want to interact with specific group of friends on Facebook regarding specific 'private' topic? You can easily do this without worrying about privacy by creating group of Facebook friends (as per requirement). Facebook group(s) allows you to selective share information within a