View Internet History of all web browsers at one place

Lot of users install other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari in addition to existing pre-installed Internet Explorer web browser on Windows computer. Each web browser allows you to view and manage browsing history in their own interface. Ever wanted to view Internet browsing

View, enable & disable ActiveX components on Windows

Active X components are required for executing various tasks on Windows computer. At any given point of time, there are thousands of active X components on Windows PC. Ideally, we can get all active X component information from registry editor from this HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID registry

How to find all Login passwords stored on Windows

Ability to save username and password (login) details is a common feature in number of Windows applications. Programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer allow users to save login password details. This results in quicker login into web accounts of email,

Calculate total playback time of music files in folder

Ideally playback time of each music track file is listed. Problem arises when we want to know total playback time of all music files in a specific folder or drive partition. One way is to manually calculate total play time by adding playback time of each music track contained in a folder.

Convert bytes into kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes

Computer storage is measured in terms of bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. We use different units of storage depending on actual size range of the storage medium. Sometimes, we need to convert data figure among different storage units format. For example: conversion of data in

Convert copied text to uppercase & lowercase with shortcut key

Do you want to quickly convert copied text into uppercase (or lowercase) without manual editing? Ideally, copied text remain in the same state, unless you modify it after pasting it in a notepad or word processor. We have already seen tool to strip text formatting from copied text by quick

View & delete Run box history on Windows

We can quickly open folders and execute applications manually using commands in the Run box on Windows. Everytime we enter any command into Run box, it is saved in Windows registry. Over a period of time, history of commands used in Run box is stored internally on your Windows computer.

See list of computers & devices using my Internet connection

In wireless internet setup environment, number of devices can connect to same internet source automatically. At some point of time, this question may arise - how many and which devices, computers, laptops are using and connected to my internet connection? You can easily get this

Check laptop battery name, charge capacity & cycles

While using laptop or netbook, battery is an important component to keep eye on. We need to constantly check the status of battery to know how long battery is good to run the portable device. There is in-built Windows functionality for basic battery status which can be enhanced by battery

Disable & remove Ctrl + Alt + Del options on Windows

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together brings up screen with lot of options including: Lock this computer, Switch User, Log Off, Change Password and Start Task Manager. If you want to perform either of routine while working on Windows PC, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to get that

Portable USB protection software from Bitdefender

Gone are days of floppy drives and CD discs to share data. USB pen drives have become very common medium to store, transfer and share data quickly. With goodness of USB drive portability comes the risk of infection as a result of autorun malware (and viruses). Infections like

View Glyph bitmap distribution format (BDF) fonts

BDF stands for bitmap distribution format. Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format is generated by application programs like soft SBIT32.exe contained in Microsoft TrueType SDK on Windows platform. Do you want to view BDF format fonts on Windows PC? This can be easily done using free portable