Rename & change Hard Drive partition letter

Now a days due to large capacity hard drives (like 500GB), we tend to partition hard drive into more partitions for easy management of files and data. Each partition is assigned separate letter like C, D, E, F, G and so on. Do you want to modify this drive letter assignment of hard drive

Find & delete broken shortcuts on Windows

Desktop shortcuts allows us to open application programs quickly on Windows. While installing software, a desktop shortcut icon or link is created on Windows PC. Over a period of time lot of shortcut icons are created (and some deleted) as we install and uninstall programs. We can easily

Generate UUID online [UUID generator tool]

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. A UUID is a 16-byte (128-bit) number: 32 characters (excluding hyphens) occupy only 16 bytes because each hexadecimal character needs only 4 bits (half a byte, or a nibble) to specify it. UUID is used as identifier standard used in software

Sort folders by size on Windows

Where is all my disk space gone?, Which files & folders are taking up all the space on hard drive? - these are common questions that trouble a Windows user when no or less disk space message appears. By default, you can manually check size of each folder and compare with other folders

Extract picture JPEG from Word document

Do you want to extract photos embedded in a Word document and save as JPEG image file?  This can be done in number of ways. A Word document may contain one or more images in a document file. You can copy and extract pictures manually or use free utility programs for extraction of images

Disable CD drive Auto Eject feature

Windows 7 and XP do not have auto eject CD drive tray feature. However, auto eject feature in Windows Vista can be very annoying (specially if your PC case hides the cd dvd drives behind a cover). You can easily disable "Auto Eject" feature of optical drives on Windows Vista PC using

Rename desktop icons on Windows 7, Vista, XP

Bored of usual names assigned to different icons on Windows desktop screen? You can easily spice up icon names / labels by renaming them to any desired name on Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. With renaming you can customize icon text as per requirement that allow easier and faster access

Convert IP address to Country location

IP address form backbone of the internet by giving it much needed order and organization. Each connected computer on the internet has unique IP address for easy identification and communication. Do you want to know country or location associated with specific IP address? You can extract

Sort images by size, resolution & aspect ratio

If you have lot of images on computer, sorting and organizing them can be a big task. Do you want to automatically sort images based on image size, resolution dimensions and aspect ratio? Doing it manually can take lot of effort and time. However, you can automate this process by batch

View Skype call & chat logs

Skype is a popular medium for making PC to PC and PC to phone calls. If you are an active Skype user, then grab free portable utility "Skype Log View" to view complete details. This utility allows you to read and neatly view contents from skype log files of each and every Skype call / chat

Extract link, script, image URLs on websites in IE

Images, CSS files, scripts, clickable hyperlinks are basic elements of a webpage. Manually checking individual URLs of such elements is a tough routine. Using "URL String Grabber" portable free utility you can easily extract and view URL details of images, CSS files, scripts, RSS feed, swf

Make desktop icons smaller as ‘list view’ on Windows

Large and big size icons on Windows desktop taking too much space? You can easily tidy up desktop interface by reducing size of desktop icons and displaying them in neat "list view" format. Deskview is a portable tool for Windows that change desktop icon size and display format in single