Check Windows error codes meaning & details

Errors can appear while using Windows PC. Most often, error messages throw up a code which does not make sense to an average user. We end up Googling around the error code for its possible meaning and solution. You can lookup and check for meaning of different Windows error codes offline

Batch edit date & time attributes of multiple files

By default, each file on computer hold information of date and time it was created, accessed and edited. You may want to change date and time information associated with specific file and this can be easily done using 3rd party utility. We have already seen, File Touch utility and

Portable image uploader for TinyPic & ImageShack and are two popular free image hosting websites. Do you want to upload images to these websites from desktop using single program? XL uploader program makes this all easy and simple routine. It is a portable multi-website free photo uploader tool for Windows

Prevent & disable PC shutdown, hiberation & log off

Few PC users prefer to schedule shutdown, restart of computer to save power and enforce strict PC usage routine. On the contrary, few users prefer the opposite of not turning off or hibernating PC, even when they are not around. Ideally, you can configure computer shutdown, hibernation and

How to auto translate clipboard text to English

Any last copied text on Windows is temporarily stored on Clipboard. You can use paste (Ctrl + V) to paste and use that last copied text. There are number of utilities to extend clipboard functionality like copy paste multiple items. Klipboard translator is a portable utility that allows

Re-Create strong passwords from current passwords

Passwords are very important in online world while accessing web accounts of different services. It is important to have different and unique password for each web account. However, during this remembering all those passwords can be a big task. If you happen to use very common and weak

Take screenshots & upload to Flickr from desktop

Do you love sharing computer screenshots with friends on Flickr photo sharing website? You can make this process very easy and quick using Screenshotr tool. It allows you to capture screenshots and directly upload them to your Flickr account from the comfort of the desktop without having

Convert location coordinates into decimal format

Location coordinates derived from geographical map (like Google, Bing, Yahoo Maps) can be expressed in different formats. For example: it can be in DMS (Degree Minute Second) or decimal format. Do you want to convert coordinates from Degree Minute Second to Decimal format or vice-versa?

Download images directly from Google, DeviantArt & 4Chan

Do you love downloading lots of images from the internet? Ideally we open image search website like Google Image search, then type a keyword and make few more clicks to download final image. You can avoid all those clicks and download images directly from the comfort of desktop without

Resize any non resizeable dialog box on windows

Majority of settings dialog boxes on windows have fixed dimensions. Users cannot resize them as per requirement. Now you can easily tweak windows to resize any non resizeable dialog box using portable ResizeEnable tool. It adds functionality that allows user to resize any windows dialog

Remove Taskbar on Windows 7, Vista, XP desktop

Don't find taskbar useful enough for taking so much space on the desktop screen? You can easily remove or hide taskbar on Windows PC using free portable tool 'Taskbar Eliminator'. Just like 'Taskbar Hider utility', it allows you to hide and remove taskbar with a quick keyboard shortcut

View network routes, destination, MAC & IP address

Do you want to see details of network routes working on your computer? Free portable tool "Net Route View" provide easy user interface to view such information. It display list of all routes of your current network setup including finer details of different aspects like: destination, mask,