Convert location coordinates into decimal format


Location coordinates derived from geographical map (like Google, Bing, Yahoo Maps) can be expressed in different formats. For example: it can be in DMS (Degree Minute Second) or decimal format. Do you want to convert coordinates from Degree Minute Second to Decimal format or vice-versa? Portable tool LatLong Conversion makes this all easy and quick.

Location coordinates format conversion

1. Download LatLong Conversion [source]. Double click to launch it.

2. Type co-ordinates in degree format in left window. It can accept degree input in following formats:
8 deg 32′ 54.73″ South 119 deg 29′ 28.98″ East
8°32’54.73″S, 119°29’28.98″E

3. Then click >> to see equivalent values in decimal format. Alternatively, you can enter co-ordinates in decimal format in right window and click << button to view equivalent values in degree format. Simple and useful tool!


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