Enable Twitter geotagging to add location to tweets

Do you want to add physical location reference in tweets on your Twitter account? You can easily insert location information in tweet using 'geotagging' feature on Twitter. Besides this feature, you should be tweeting from web browser supporting geolocation feature (fortunately, majority

Add Google Maps to Orkut scraps

Google has added Google Maps integration with Orkut through scraps feature. Now Orkut users can spice up their scraps by adding location / direction to specific location through Google Maps reference. Just add Maps to your scrap message for other users to easily find location and explore

Convert location coordinates into decimal format

Location coordinates derived from geographical map (like Google, Bing, Yahoo Maps) can be expressed in different formats. For example: it can be in DMS (Degree Minute Second) or decimal format. Do you want to convert coordinates from Degree Minute Second to Decimal format or vice-versa?

View Gmail login activity location & IP address

Gmail is a popular web based email service from Google. Just like with every popular service, there can hack attempts with people trying to break into your Gmail acccount. One easy way to ensure healthy Gmail usage is by checking Gmail account login activity. You can monitor Gmail login IP

See company name & country of any Mac Address

Mac Address for an electronic component is a unique number assigned by manufacturer. MAC Address view is an interesting utility that display country name, physical address and country details for any MAC address. This utility has huge database for MAC addresses and associated details of

Search Flickr photos by location on the map

Do you want to see Flickr photos from the place or location you reside? Flickr Searchr makes this real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. To get started, click 2 locations on the Google map displayed to define the geographical area for which Flickr image results should

Gmail Signature with your location, new feature

New experimental features keep coming on Gmail, latest include ability to add location to your Gmail signature. So next time you receive an email, question like "Where are you from?" can be easily answered by looking at location in signature of the received email. This is an optional

Track your friends & family with Google Latitude

Google Latitude is another way to track your friends and family. It is tightly integrated with Google Maps for Mobile, iGoogle and allows users to share their location with friends. After you opt-in for the service, your rough location is indicated on a map complete with your profile

Add Location to Blogger posts using GeoTagging

GeoTagging is a new Blogger feature that allows you to add location to any Blogger post. Like we have timestamp (meaning specific time of publication of each Blogger post), we can specify location of each post as per its content. This is ideal for travel blogs where you can geotag the

Live Search Maps India, Explore India the easy way

Microsoft has launched the new Live Search Maps India website. Now you can explore India the easy way on your computer. First look of the website is impressive, it has clean interface and map loads very quickly. You can explore street Maps for 9 important