Show Date Picker & Time in Google Forms

Till now, Date picker has been a big miss in Google (Docs) Forms. In the latest update, Google Forms has added Time and Date picker options. Now there is no need of using third party hacks for showing date option in Google Forms.  You can create forms and easily add functionality of date

Create simple HTML webpages online in Google Drive

For starters, creating HTML webpages can be big and confusing task. Gone are days, when we use to open Notepad editor and start typing HTML code for webpage creation. Now there are so many free tools available for quick HTML webpage generation. Google Drive Docs provide free online

How to add Stock photos in Google Drive documents

Google's online Word Processing suite "Google Docs' is not part of "Google Drive". With integration, you can create word, excel, presentation documents and keep them safely stored in free Google Drive storage space. While creating documents in Google Drive (Docs) you can easily insert

Cannot download Google Docs in old Word Office .doc format

Google Docs (now part of Google Drive) is used by lot of online users for word processing needs. It supports majority of Office document formats: allowing quick opening, editing and saving of files. With latest update, support for saving documents in old Microsoft Office formats has been

Send & save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive

Do you receive lot of email messages on Gmail with attached documents and presentation files? Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox with attachment files - how about saving important files directly to Google Drive (Docs)? Ideally, you will need to download attachment file from Gmail and

Disable & prevent Google Docs file downloading

Privacy and security of documents is very important whether they are created offline using Microsoft Office program or made online using Google Docs service. There is constant worry of securing documents containing sensitive information. Google Docs users can tighten control on documents

Open ZIP & RAR files online in Gmail & Google Docs

ZIP and RAR file format allow easy sending and sharing of multiple files as one single archive file. Ideally, when we receive a ZIP or RAR archive file, we download it and then unzip it to view contents. Downloading and file extraction is done, even when you only want to preview contents

Convert paper notes into digital format without scanning

Ideally if we write something on paper and want to share it on the internet - we need to scan it to convert into digital format and then share it. How about removing the scanning part and transfer notes on paper directly to the computer and internet? This is possible using piece of

Make Pivot tables online in Google Docs spreadsheet

Pivot table is a useful feature for spreadsheet documents for easier interpretation of data in number of ways in quick time. It allows you to narrow down a large data set or analyze relationships between data points. Now you can create Pivot Tables online in Spreadsheet application of

Upload multiple folders to Google Docs

Google Docs support almost every popular format of files and documents. It has become default online word processing suite for lot of web users. If you happen to upload and work on lot of files in Google Docs on regular basis, then here is good news to ease out your routine. Now you can

Hide gridlines in Google Spreadsheet file

Gridlines are useful in easy identification of specific box for corresponding row and column. While these are handy for easy data entry and manipulating - they can be annoying while attempting to take neater printout of data displayed in a Google Spreadsheet. However, with feature to hide

Open XLS, PSD, AI, DXF files in online Google viewer

Now you can open, view and download files of different file formats online using Google Docs viewer. This eliminates need to install different software for specific format of file viewing. Google Docs Viewer now support viewing of more file format of documents and files. This means, you