View dictionary meaning of words in Google Docs

Google Docs can be used to create and view any type of text based documents. Checking meaning of words used in a document is a usual routine. Now you can do this easily in the new editor of Google Docs. "Define" feature allows you to check detailed dictionary meaning and web definitions of

Freeze rows & columns in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Besides multiple sheets in a Google Docs Spreadsheet file, each sheet can contain lot of data in number of rows and columns. To easily manage and prevent any change or data deletion - you can freeze rows or columns in a Google Spreadsheet file. Freeze Spreadsheet rows & columns 1.

How to add new Sheets in Google Docs Spreadsheet

If you are new to Google Docs Spreadsheet interface, doing basic tasks can leave you looking for answers. To accommodate more data in a Spreadsheet file we can add more sheets. You can easily add more sheets to Google Docs Spreadsheet file with a click of a button on icon at the bottom bar

Copy sheets between Google Docs Spreadsheet files

Do you want to copy a sheet from one Google Docs Spreadsheet file to another? No need to manual copy and paste, you can easily copy sheet between spreadsheet files in few simple clicks. Google Docs Spreadsheet has "Copy To" feature for copying any specific sheet in one Google Docs

Use Google Docs in Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame

Google Docs introduced lot of new features including all new drawing tool. However, majority of new features may not work on Internet Explorer browser (even in latest IE 8.0 version). You can easily add Google Docs usage support to Internet Explorer web browser by installing Google Chrome

Resize & position images in Google Docs document

Google Docs is an interesting online word processing alternative. Besides typing text, you can spice up documents by inserting images, tables and other text formatting. New Google Docs editor makes managing images very easy and quick. You can play around with image size, position using

Make Venn diagrams online or in MS Word

Venn diagram consists of circles explaining relationship between different groups or elements. It is visual presentation to undersand similarities, differences, and relationships between 2 or more entities. Unlike figures in numbers, diagrams allow quick and easy understanding of

How to switch to new version of Google Docs editor

Google Docs is an excellent online alternative to Microsoft Office software. You can create Word documents, presentations, drawings, spreadsheets and lots more using online suite at Google Docs. Google has released new version of Google Docs editor with lot of new features like real time

Plan Wedding online, free templates checklist

Planning a wedding involve lot of things, as a result many people are involved creating and executing plans for smooth wedding ceremony. Now you can be your own wedding planner without too much stress using online resources at Google Docs. It has special section for tools and resources for

Count words, characters in Google Docs document

Google Docs is an online suite for word processing and spreadsheet needs. It is a robust online alternative for Microsoft Office software. It supports lot of basic and advance features for writing and editing word documents online. Besides writing text, you can process it further like

Play Hangman, Sudoku games online in Google Docs

Google Docs spreadsheet is a part of online Google Docs suite for word processing and office document creation, editing and sharing. Besides doing the productive work, you can also have fun online in Google Docs suite by playing games (courtesy script feature in Google Docs

Copy Paste text online between Google documents

Do you want to quickly copy paste text online between multiple Google Doc files? Now you can easily do this online just like we do offline within Microsoft Office (or on Windows) using 'Server Clipboard' feature. You can copy (Ctrl + C) from any opened Google Document and then paste (Ctrl