Create desktop shortcut for Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office software. If you do not intend to spend money on buying Office software and has computer connected to internet connection, then Google Docs online suite is a very good option. Further, if you often use Google Docs for word

Import & open Google Docs files in Zoho editor

If you love to work with word and spreadsheet files online in Google Docs suite, then here is quick way to access all your files in other online editor (Zoho suite) without too may bells and whistles. Import feature in Zoho allows you to import and open any Google Docs file in respective

keyboard shortcuts for ‘Google Docs’ documents

If your PC or laptop is always connected to internet, then using online word processing application like Google Docs is more convenient option as against installing Microsoft Office software on the computer. Google Docs offer rich word processing, presentation and spreadsheet creation and

Download & save Google Docs in PDF format

Google Docs is very handy online suite for word processing. You can create, edit and print documents without need to install any software on the computer. For ease of sharing and printing, it is recommended to convert Google Docs into PDF format. You can upload any PDF file to Google Docs,

View Google Docs revision history & changes

For starters, Google Docs is an online suite for Word processing and spreadsheet creation. While creating a document, you may be adding contents to document file one after another. 'Revision History' feature allows you to track changes and content addition done to the document over a

Insert Math symbols & equations in Google Docs

Do you want to add and display complex Mathematical equations in Google Docs files? You can easily do this using "Equation" feature. It allows you to insert any of commonly used mathematical signs and symbols to your Google documents in few simple clicks. Mathematical symbols, equations

Search Google Docs in Gmail inbox

If you use Google Docs extensively besides Gmail email service, you may want quicker access to Google Docs files within Gmail inbox. You can easily search Google Docs and Sites content inside Gmail interface using "Apps Search" labs feature. This allows you to view Google Docs and Sites in

Convert files into Google Docs format

Google Docs is a rich online word processing and spreadsheet editor. Besides online editing, you can upload large files of almost any format to your Google Docs account. Newer features of Google Docs like collaboration require files in Google Docs format. Hence, you need convert your

Create freehand logo art at Google Docs

Google Docs online drawing tool can be used for more than simple diagram making. You can use this online tool for creating cool freehand logos. It also be used to make vector art resembling real life photos. Besides the shape customization, you can color vector creations with colors of

Convert & save text on images, PDFs as Google Docs

Now you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature online at Google Docs. Upload any image or PDF file to extract text from them using OCR option on Google Docs. It allows you to convert and save text on images and PDF files as Google Documents for quick text only content

Try & use Google Docs without account login

Google Docs ( is an awesome online word processing and presentation creation suite. If you are addicted to use of Microsoft Office for document creation and processing, then give try to Google Docs (it is worthy MS Office alternative which is all free for use). Now you do

Insert special characters in Google Docs documents

Characters other than usual English alphabets form part of special characters. For example: arrows, currency symbols, shapes and so on. Ideally, you will need special program like "Type it Easy" to insert special typographical characters in documents. If you are using online Google Docs