Upload large (250MB) files Free to Google Docs

More internet users are sharing bigger videos, documents and large size HQ images. Google previously bumped up maximum Gmail attachment size to 25MB, now you can play around with large files of upto 250MB size. You can upload and share big files of any type (upto 250MB) using Google Docs

Party RSVP form to collect replies [Google Docs template]

For Starters­ R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." If you are looking for an easy way to collect and compile ­R.S.V.P confirmation replies from invited people, then checkout 3 cool Google Docs templates. You can use either of

How to create Forms online in Google Docs

Do you want to create a quick survey or feedback form? You can do this online without installing any software using Google Docs form builder. It allows you to make highly customized forms to include different type of elements, response types etc. You can embed and display final form

Resume & Cover Letter Google Docs templates

We have seen number of resources to download Resume templates. Microsoft has good collection of Resume templates for MS Office users or do it online using stylish Resume templates at CeeVee online. Bridging both offline and online platforms is Google Docs. You can create documents online

Download all Google Doc files as one Zip file

If you are a regular Google Docs users, then new "download as zip" feature will make file download from Google Docs more easy routine. Now you can select all or multiple files in Google Docs account and directly download them as a single Zip file. Yeah, no more one by one manual file

Preview Google Docs directly in Gmail inbox

Ideally you will need to toggle, got back and forward to see contents of Google Docs file received as attachment in Gmail. Using new Google Labs feature "Google Docs previews in mail", you can preview and read contents on Google Docs file (including document, spreadsheet, presentation)

Share Google Docs files & folders with other users

Multiple users working on same document just became more easy at Google Docs. It has introduced "share folder" feature. Goto Create New > Folder to create new folder in your Google Docs account. Then drag and drop items like docs, spreadsheet into folder which can be further shared with

Google Docs Viewer to show PDF, Powerpoint files on webpages

Google has finally made Google Docs Viewer feature official at http://docs.google.com/viewer. We could use this feature previously by manual code generation and manipulation. Now we can generate code to embed PDF, Powerpoint shows automatically using web based interface available at Google

Translate Google Docs document text language

Google Docs is a cool way to write, store and share documents online. Besides writing documents in native language you can translate language and share Google Docs with users familiar with different language. This is possible by using language translate feature of Google

Create Online Store with Google Docs & Google Checkout store gadget

Settings up an online store with secure back-end and easy to use front-end involve lot of efforts. Google Checkout Store gadget makes this real easy by using functionality of Google Docs spreadsheet. You can setup online store in few clicks and show the products in a widget on your blog or

Embed & show auto play Google Presentation slideshow

Now you can embed auto play presentation that jump to next slide after specified interval of time without you having to click. Besides insert and display tables, auto-play embed is a new feature in Google Docs presentations. You can enable time delay, autostart, loop options before the

Insert & display tables in Google Docs Presentations

Now you can show data in more organized form using tables in Presentations created online at Google Docs. New insert table feature allows you to add and format tables as per requirement. To get started, goto menu option Table > Insert Table and then select number of rows & columns