Upload large (250MB) files Free to Google Docs


More internet users are sharing bigger videos, documents and large size HQ images. Google previously bumped up maximum Gmail attachment size to 25MB, now you can play around with large files of upto 250MB size. You can upload and share big files of any type (upto 250MB) using Google Docs account. Total free available space will be 1GB with option to purchase additional space.

How to Upload & use Google Docs

Goto [docs.google.com] and login using Google / Gmail account. Click the upload button, select file on your computer and then start the file uploading process. You can click share button to allow other users to view uploaded file or collaborate with multiple users. Alternatively, download all files as single zip file.

As pointed by Google Docs blog, this feature will be rolled in next few weeks. This for sure is an interesting feature, now you can access your big files from any computer with internet connection by opening Google Docs account (aka Gdrive, possibly!).



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