Send & upload email attachment files to Dropbox

Dropbox is becoming very popular web service to store any kind of files online. With free plan option of 2GB, more users are trying it, liking it and ending up with pro plan with more storage. Besides the usual online file storage, there are number of third party tools that adds more

Portable image uploader for TinyPic & ImageShack and are two popular free image hosting websites. Do you want to upload images to these websites from desktop using single program? XL uploader program makes this all easy and simple routine. It is a portable multi-website free photo uploader tool for Windows

Drag & drop files to upload as attachment in Gmail

Looking for quickest and most easy method to add multiple files as attachment to email messages being composed in Gmail? Ideally, we go to 'Compose Mail' screen, then click 'Attach a File' link and select file(s) that should be added as attachment to an email message. Now you can do all

Upload large (250MB) files Free to Google Docs

More internet users are sharing bigger videos, documents and large size HQ images. Google previously bumped up maximum Gmail attachment size to 25MB, now you can play around with large files of upto 250MB size. You can upload and share big files of any type (upto 250MB) using Google Docs

Upload files to Dropbox online account by email

For starters: just like Rapidshare, Dropbox(.com) is an online service to store your files and data. It comes with free account of 2GB and paid accounts with more storage. Now you can upload any file to your Dropbox online account by email using "MailDrop" tool. Any emails with the label

Upload files online to Rapidshare: QUpload uploader

We have seen number of software clients for easy file downloading from Rapidshare website. QUploader help ease out reverse process of uploading files from computer to online at Rapidshare website. It is a simple and very easy to use Rapidshare uploader client tool. Send files from

Upload files, photos, videos from desktop to Twitter: TwitDoc

Twitter is more than few characters of text. You can also share your favorite photos, videos withTwitter friends. TwitDoc desktop client makes document and file sharing very easy. Using this program you can upload and share documents, files, photos and videos from desktop with your Twitter

Bulk upload images from MAC & Linux desktop to ImageShack is very popular free image and video hosting website. We have already seen Official ImageShack uploader utility for Windows users which allow easy bulk upload of photos and videos with simple drag N drop interface. Now similar ImageShack uploader is available for Linux and

ImageShack Uploader to batch upload image & video files is popular free image and video hosting website. You can speed up image and video upload process by using Official ImageShack upload utility. It is an open source utility available for download for Windows, Linux and MAC systems. It allows quick uploading of files from your

Upload mp3 files & audio to Slideshare presentations

Slideshare has bumped up real good feature of allowing users to upload their own mp3 files and audio to their SlideShare presentation. Previously, one could link audio or mp3 file hosted on 3rd party external website and add it to presentations created on Slideshare. Now you can

Upload & host Flash files (SWF) for free – MegaSWF

There are number of free hosting web service to upload and host images, icon and galleries. Incase you want to host Flash File (SWF) for free, then checkout MegaSWF. It is a free flash file hosting web service. After the upload, you will instant hash link to use or view your uploaded Flash