5 Gmail security settings to check for account safety

All of us want to keep email conversations private and hence security of an email account is very important. Gmail users can easily ensure safety and security of their email account by following few basic steps. Following is listing of Gmail settings and features that should be checked to

Allow other users to manage Gmail email on my behalf

Are you too busy to manage Gmail email account on daily basis? Need a virtual assistant that can read, delete and send emails on your behalf  from within existing Gmail account? Using Delegation feature in Gmail, you can assign any specific person or multiple users to manage Gmail account

How to reply specific email text in Gmail

Majority of Gmail users quickly click reply button on the opened email window for writing reply message for the same. While this is a good routine for small email messages, there is a neater way to reply long email messages in Gmail. When you click reply button whole messages is appended

Enable new Compose box in Gmail for sending quick emails

Gmail has introduced new format of "Compose box" for sending quick emails. New "Compose box" is like floating chat box with independent functionality. So while you compose new email message in the floating box, you can browse other emails in your inbox (for adding quick reference or

Open & read Gmail emails without internet in offline mode

Do you want to open and view email messages on Gmail without internet? Concept of offline Gmail has been for sometime now. Earlier it was implemented using Google Gears and offline Gmail option under Labs. However, these options are no longer available to access Gmail without internet. Now

Show & hide Labels in Gmail inbox

Labels provide quick and easy way to organize Gmail email messages based of specific criterion. For example: you can label messages related to your work as 'Job', while email messages from friends can be labelled as 'personal'. You can create multiple Gmail Labels and assign more than one

Create & assign Label to Gmail messages

Labels feature in Gmail provide easy way to organize email messages. You can create multiple labels and add / assign more than one label to specific email message. Further, you can view all email messages with specific label for quick browsing of messages as per requirement. You can get

Search & view muted messages in Gmail

You can mute long conversations that do not interest you to prevent them from showing in inbox. Mute Gmail messages feature help keep inbox clean and free from unwanted conversations from appearing. Further, you can unmute any muted conversation thread and move it to inbox. However, for

Mute & unMute email messages in Gmail

If you are long message conversation in Gmail that does not interest you anymore, you can simply mute it to prevent it from showing in the inbox. This will keep inbox clean as future addition to muted conversation will not display in inbox (but it will still get archived). If your address

View recently used Emoticons in Gmail

Emoticons (emoji) can be used to decorate messages send through Gmail. You can express variety of feelings using different type of animated and colorful emoticon images. Gmail has 100+ emoticon options and it can be tough ask choosing the right one. You can simplify and make the process of

Disable conversation threaded email view in Gmail

In Gmail, replies to original email message are grouped together creating a single conversation or thread. Replies and related messages are stacked upon each other like deck for cards (and is also called conversation view). This allows you to easily follow all replies to specific email

Higher resolution & bigger video chat in Gmail

Functionality to video chat in Gmail has been available for a while now. You need to install a video chat plugin to get going with video chatting with friends in Gmail. If you are not impressed with video quality and video size during video chatting session using this feature - then here