Disable & remove extensions in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser can be extended in terms of functionality and features as per requirements of specific user. This is possible with the help of Google Chrome extensions. User can download and install Chrome extensions for specific feature set addition. Over period of time, if you have

How to auto update Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome introduced extensions allowing users to add more functionality by installing different Chrome extension like to see latest cricket scores, check webpage page rank and much more. If you happen to install lot of Chrome extensions, make sure you update those extensions using

How to save webpage as PDF file in Google Chrome

Do you want to save specific webpage for safe keeping and reading in future? While there are many ways and formats you can save online content found on webpages, PDF is considered most efficient format as it allows you to preserve actual formatting of text, images and other content

6 ways to Zoom webpages in Google Chrome

Do you want to expand and zoom webpages in Google Chrome browser for finer view? There are number of ways to zoom in or out webpages in Chrome browser. You can expand all or specific elements on a webpage including text and images. Besides the mouse wheel or keyboard shortcut to zoom, you

How to delete web Apps from Google Chrome

Chrome Web Apps provide an easy way to extend functionality and do more within Google Chrome browser. They allow quick way to access web contents and applications of your interest. Any Google Chrome users can install apps of choice from official Chrome Web Store. We have already seen

How to buy paid web apps in Chrome

Besides installing free web apps in Chrome, there are number of paid web apps in Chrome web store. You can purchase any of paid web app using your credit card through Google Checkout service. If you do not like paid web app for Chrome, you can cancel purchase within 30 days. There is also

Open Chrome web apps full screen or pinned

Web apps allows you to add more features and functionality to Google Chrome in regard to access of web content. Chrome Web Store has extensive listing of different type of web apps and you can install web apps in Chrome as per requirement. After install, you can customize it further for

How to install Web apps in Chrome

Web apps are collection of extensions, themes and apps designed for the Google Chrome browser. It allows you to extend usability of websites in Chrome browser. You can browse all free and paid web apps for Google Chrome browser at Chrome web store. You can install web apps of your choice,

How to report Spam websites to Google

Search engines like Google, Bing continuously improve their ranking procedures to provide best and most relevant results to users. It can be very frustrating when you click through a weblink in search results promising desired content but it offers nothing in real. Such websites are often

Use Chrome extensions in Incognito private mode

Google Chrome support feature of incognito or private mode. It allows you to surf internet without recording browsing history on local computer. History details of visited websites are not recorded and stored on computer by Google Chrome browser. By default, extensions do not work in

Automatic http to https redirection in Firefox & Chrome

Be default, http version of websites are loaded in a web browser. You can make web browsing more secure by using https ecrypted version of websites. Only selective websites offer ecrypted https version for accessing their content. If you are Firefox users, then you can automate redirection

Download & save webpages offline in Chrome

Do you want to download website and save its webpages on the computer? Often, webpages break when you try to save them for offline reading. In the Google Chrome, you can save webpages in exact original formatting for reading them later without the internet connection. This is possible