Enable / disable Google Chrome plugins with Extension manager

Google Chrome now has number of plugins or extension for extended functionality and features. We have already see Google Chrome extensions like: multiple sessions, gtalk plugin, hotmail notifications, mouse gestures and pagerank notifier. If you are using all these extension, then get

Save & load multiple sessions in Google Chrome

Now you can save, manage and reload multiple sessions or browsing instances in Google Chrome browser. This is possible using Session Saver Chrome extension. After installing this extension - while browsing you can click the save button on the bottom toolstrip and name the session

Hotmail email notifications in Google Chrome [plugin]

After Mouse Gestures & Gtalk plugin, Google Chrome browser gets yet another extension "Hotmail Notifier". As the name suggests, it shows status of your Hotmail account in Google Chrome browser. After the install, small Hotmail icon is displayed on the browser toolstrip. It shows number

Gtalk plugin for Chrome to open Google Talk on any webpage

Google Chrome is slowly getting newer extensions to extend functionality in Chrome browser. Gtalk extension is latest Google Chrome plugin that allows you to open Google Talk window while on any webpage in Google Chrome browser. After install, you will see a Google Talk button at bottom

Mouse Gestures Plugin for Google Chrome browser

Now you can perform tasks with mouse gestures in Google Chrome browser using Chrome Gestures plugin. It allows you to execute simple commands using mouse gestures. You can also create your own gestures by editing ChromeGestures.user.js file. Default configuration supports following

See Google PageRank & Alexa Rank in Google Chrome

Some of us are in habit of checking Google PageRank and Alexa Rank of websites we visit. While this can be easily done in IE & FF using Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar - what about Google Chrome? Current version of Google Chrome does not support Google Toolbar and Alexa toolbar -