Simple math Calculator in Chrome

Do you perform lot of calculations while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? Now you can get simple yet stylish looking calculator within Chrome browsing window. It allows you to perform basic mathemetic calculations at a click of a button. It even works when there is no internet

Hide tabs in Chrome & restore with password

So you are using Google Chrome to surf websites in office, college or work place. Suddenly, your boss or colleague shows up to check what you are surfing on the internet. No need panic, if you can have panic button in your Chrome browser. It allows you to hide all current tabs in single

View webpage source code in Chrome in single click

An average internet user will never bother to view source code of webpage being surfed. However, if you are a coder or curious surfer you may want to checkout source code of webpages. Ideally, you can right click on a webpage and click 'view page source' option to open source code window.

Open blank or empty new Tab page in Chrome

Opening new tab in Google Chrome show recently closed tabs and history details. While it is useful for few users, others may find it irritating having to see cluttered new tab page. You can easily blank out stuff on new tab page using Chrome extension or creating a blank page bookmark

Google Reader Play bookmarklet & Chrome plugin

Google introduced Google Reader Play feature for visual browsing of RSS feed content. It allows you to view RSS content in the form of big headlines along with image thumbnails of post images. We have already seen procedure to start Google Reader Play from Google Reader window. Here are

Auto complete text macros in Google Chrome

Do you type lot of text content on computer? If yes, then you must be repeating lot of words and one liners during typing routine. You can make things quicker by using customized auto complete macros within Google Chrome browser. This is possible using PopChrom extension wich allows you to

Display time & date on Google homepage logo

Google search homepage is simple as compared to glitz gloss of Bing. You can tweak homepage to add more funcationality and yet retain the simplicity. How about adding current date and time display on Google homepage while you Google around? You can easily do that within Google

Display analog clock & time in Chrome

Want to stay updated with current time and date while browsing internet in Google Chrome browser? Date Today Chrome extension display date and time information in cool looks and format. It shows time in the form on small analog clock on the top menu bar. You can click the clock icon to see

Open New Tab in current tab in Chrome

Just like all modern web browsers, Google Chrome has cool tabbed interface. Tabs allow easy web surfing in the same web browser window. We have already seen how to open links in new tab of Google Chrome browser. Do you want open new Tab in current tab in Chrome browser? This can be easily

Live Cricket scores in Chrome [ESPN CricInfo plugin]

Every cricket fan wants to stay updated with latest cricket scores and news. If you happen to use Google Chrome as default web browser, then you can stay in touch with latest in cricket using ESPN CricInfo Chrome extension. This free plugin display latest cricket news, features and live

Manage Netfix DVDs queue from Chrome toolbar

Are you looking for an easy way to manage DVDs queue for Netflix? Now you can do this in dead simple way within Google Chrome browser using Netflix Queue extension (by Michael York). With a click of a button on Google Chrome toolbar you can easily view and manage DVDs in your Netflix

Flip Webpage upside down in Chrome [PC prank]

Do you want to play [very harmless] PC prank on friends? You can flip any webpage upside down in Google Chrome browser and amaze friends while they try to browse favorite websites (all appearing upside down). This is possible by using "Upside Down" Chrome extension to flip whole webpage or