Change default Web Browser to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

PC users can install multiple web browsers on their computer and use them simultaneously. While there can be multiple browser installed on Windows PC but there can be only one default browser. Any website url opened from external programs like Word document will open in the default

Remove only secure content displayed bar in Internet Explorer

Are you annoyed with small bar appearing at bottom of webpages in Internet Explorer that reads "Only secure content is displayed" with "Show all content" button? This security bar is displayed when you are browsing webpages that serve content not considered secure according to strict

Change browser user agent in IE, Chrome, Firefox

Websites identify web browser through user agent settings. If you change user agent, then a website may take it as different web browser while you may be using same web browser. Modern web browsers have in-built feature to change user agent settings. Popular web browsers like: Internet

Always open Chrome, Firefox & IE in full screen mode

Full screen mode is supported by majority of modern web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Ideally you need to manually activate to use web browser in full screen mode. Unfotunately, there is no pre-defined option to keep full screen mode

Enable ActiveX controls in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls from websites and online services in web browser may be required to run specific functionality, for example using web based email like Yahoo Mail. However, due to security concerns associated with ActiveX controls - various web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox do

Change view webpage source code program in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser uses in-built 'view source' program by default for displaying webpage's HTML and other source code details. While the default viewer is neat and displays webpage source in an organized format - you can still switch to a different program application for viewing

Auto delete Flash cookies in Internet Explorer

Ideally when you delete Internet history files and cookies data - Adobe Flash cookies are not deleted. There is complex method to delete Adobe Flash cookies and majority of web users either do not know about this or do not want to waste time perform this routine reguarly. Thankfully with

Watch WebM videos in Internet Explorer 9

Do you want to play and watch WebM format videos in Internet Explorer 9 browser? For starters, WebM is an open source video format for sharing high quality videos on the internet. Using a free plugin you can add support for WebM video playback to Internet Explorer 9 browser on your Windows

Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer 9 sports all new look with jazzed up interface. New browser version has improved features and is faster than before. You can make web browsing more fast by using quick keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer 9 browser. You can perform most frequent and essential tasks

Restore & open last closed websites in IE9

Did you accidently close IE web browser while surfing internet? There is no need to recall previously opened websites and open them manually one by one. You can use 'reopen last browsing session' feature to restore last closed websites / tabs in Internet Explorer 9 browser. This will

Pin & add websites to Start menu & taskbar in IE9

Internet Explorer 9 has lot of new features that extends functionality and ease on Windows 7 computer. Besides the traditional favorite marking of websites, you can pin favorite websites on the start menu and taskbar for even quicker access. IE9 allows you to add any website to the start