Move ‘Stop & Refresh’ buttons in IE9

Internet Explorer 9 has lot of changes in the user interface like cleaned up favorites and status bar. It also allow further customization of elements like stop and refresh buttons next to the address bar. In IE9 browser you can move position of stop and refresh buttons to the left or

Restore favorites & status bar in IE9

If you have installed Internet Explorer 9, you might be looking for the status bar and favorites bar. Newer IE9 has new look with changes in user interface. It has Star icon at top right to quickly access favorites. You can also access other toolbars and settings using home and tools

Disable GPU hardware acceleration in IE9

By default hardware acceleration feature is enabled in Internet Explorer 9 for accelerated and fast graphic rendering. This allows Internet Explorer 9 browser to use computer's GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) to handle graphic intensive tasks. As a result, IE9 is able to process and load

Uninstall & remove Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 bring lot of new features and enhancements. You can easily download and install Internet Explorer 9 browser software on your Windows computer. Like with all new software updates, you may encounter errors or feel unconformable with new interface of Internet Explorer 9.

Download & install Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer version 9 (beta) is now available for free download from Microsoft. New version promises lot of new features and enhancements allowing better integration with Windows 7 operating system. Internet Explorer 9 has improved streamlined design with fewer dialog boxes to click

Add Google Search to Internet Explorer

If you have installed new version of Internet Explorer or Windows operating system, Bing Search will be default search provider in Internet Explorer. It means, all search queries within IE will show results from Bing search. If you prefer good old Google Search, you can easily add and set

How to duplicate tabs in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Do you want to quickly open currently opened website in a new tab? You can easily perform such tab duplication in your favorite web browser. In few simple clicks you can open new (duplicate) instance of any currently opened tab. Following is quick and easy procedure to duplicate tab in

Web browsers with HTML5 video support

Majority of online videos are in Flash format, as a result you need flash plugin installed on computer to able to view such videos. Now you can watch videos without flash support using HTML5 technology with h.264 video codec or the WebM format (VP8 codec) support. Just install and use web

Make Web Browser safe & secure

"... I am using latest version of web browser and still got malicious attack!" Besides updated web browser software, there are number of other related elements that can render a web browser insecure. You could be using either of web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox,

Remove right click menu items in Internet Explorer

Right click menu of Internet Explorer browser can become cluttered over a period of time. As new software are installed, few may add their item entry into right click menu of Internet explorer. Fortunately, you can easily edit and clean up right click menu of IE by making registry

Block websites in Internet Explorer

Internet provide access to content of every type. Children and other young users must be protected from accessing content meant for mature audience. If you use Internet Explorer browser to surf websites, you can easily enforce strict access restrictions. IE browser allows you to add and

Extract link, script, image URLs on websites in IE

Images, CSS files, scripts, clickable hyperlinks are basic elements of a webpage. Manually checking individual URLs of such elements is a tough routine. Using "URL String Grabber" portable free utility you can easily extract and view URL details of images, CSS files, scripts, RSS feed, swf