Add Google Search to Internet Explorer


If you have installed new version of Internet Explorer or Windows operating system, Bing Search will be default search provider in Internet Explorer. It means, all search queries within IE will show results from Bing search. If you prefer good old Google Search, you can easily add and set ‘Google Search’ as default search provider in Internet Explorer (8 or above).

Add ‘Google Search’ addon to Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer. Click ‘down arrow’ next to Bing search box at top right.

2. Then click on ‘Find more providers’ to open search addons page.

Alternatively, you can goto Tools > Internet Options. Under ‘General’ tab click ‘Settings’ button next to search listing. Then under ‘manage addon’ window click ‘Find more search providers’ link at the bottom.

3. On the IE addons webpage, click ‘Add to Internet Explorer’ button next to ‘Google Search Suggestions’.

4. In the pop-up box, click to check options: ‘Make this my default search provider’ and ‘use search suggestions from this provider’ and then click ‘Add’ button.

5. Google Search will be added as default search provider in Internet Explorer browser on your computer. You can switch back to Bing search anytime clicking down arrow key next to search box at top right.



  1. Thanks for sharing this tip on adding default search engines to IE. It is easy to change the default search engine at any time. IE users can also find many add-ons to further personalize IE at the Add-on Gallery

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    IE Outreach Team

    • All the forums and suggestions state the same thing. This method ONLY works if your computer is set to United States English during the setup. IF your computer is registered with Canada (english) for example it does not work. Microsoft doesn’t want you to use google they perfer Bing.

      • Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

        Per default this site is set to specific country. After too long time, user either gives up or switches to US language, and only then finds the Google search extension (what everyone wants to use).

        Extremely bad user interface. Shame on you!

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