Make Bing as default search in Firefox, IE & Chrome


Bing looks good courtesy its feature laden interface and functionality. This might have tempted to hop from Yahoo / Google to Bing as your default search engine in your favorite web browser. Here goes the process to set Bing as your default search engine and be a Binger!

bing-default-search-providerInternet Explorer 7 – Click on Find more providers button from pop-up menu next to search box at top right part of web browser. You will see Microsoft webpage with search engine listing.

Click on Bing and again go to pop-up menu to see Bing listed there. Select Bing and you are set!

Internet Explorer 8 – Just add Bing search and suggestion add-on to your Internet Explorer 8 and its all setup. After addition, if Bing search does not appear as default search engine, click the drop down and select Bing to become a binger.

Firefox – Firefox users can also bring Bing as default search engine using Bing 20090531 firefox addon. Install the Firefox add-on like we usual do and see Bing as default search provider in your Firefox browser.

Google Chrome РOpen Chrome and goto Settings > Options. Now navigate to Basics > Default search and click manage button. In the new window click add button and enter: Name РBing, Keyword РBing, URL Р Then click OK and set Bing as default search engine.

Be a Binger by setting Bing as default search engine in your favorite web browser.



  1. Google has become an intrusive search engine essentially serving up “preferred sites” rather than complying with a list of search possibilities like Bing does. I find Brihm’s remark interesting since he is obviously promoting Google and all of the baggage its use now carries. Bing is now the better more useful search engine. I have the same trouble with Google remaining the default in the address bar but it seems someone has decided to bury this change in the bowels of Firefox rather than just make it an option. Talk about invasive.

  2. Hi. thanks alot to share otherwise i guess it would be a little diificult!

  3. Ed Jolanski says

    Bing should *always* be referred to as “Microsoft Bing” so that users never forget who they are getting their search from… You would be crazy to adopt it as your default search, no matter how good you think they are.

  4. Suman Chitturi says

    On firefox this doesn’t seem to change the default search engine for keywords typed directly into address bar.

  5. @Davinder,
    Aaaahh….so u r basically just promoting Bing here…..well i wil give it a try.
    by the way may i knw u email or something, u there on orkut? would love to add n talk to someone who knows so much abt tech. it will be an “enlightening experience” as they say .
    i dunno abt the policies of this site, so this reply might not get thru. but if u do feel like replying i can be reached at

  6. Hi Davinder,
    I just wanted to ask u something,
    looking gud is one thing….but how is it in terms of what it is meant to do i.e. search results…..i personally prefer google for obvious reasons.
    how does Bing compare to google where it actually matters?

    • Davinder says

      @Brahm Bing is new and still long time it even comes close to Google. Use Bing, when ur bored of Google and wanna be Binger!

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