Add Google Search to Internet Explorer

If you have installed new version of Internet Explorer or Windows operating system, Bing Search will be default search provider in Internet Explorer. It means, all search queries within IE will show results from Bing search. If you prefer good old Google Search, you can easily add and set

Use Bing as default search engine in Opera

Google's background image experiment annoyed many users. As a result many wanted to use Bing as default search engine for web searching. If you use Opera web browser for surfing the internet, then you can easily setup and use Bing as default search engine. Newer Opera browser has Bing as

Change default search engine in Safari

Newer Safari browser version provide one more option for searching the web in the form of Bing Search. Now you can choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing search and use either as default search engine in Safari browser. You can toggle and switch between either search provider and use it as

Change or add Search engine in Google Chrome

Do you want to change default search engine being used for search in Google Chrome browser? For example, you may want to switch from Bing to Google for searching within Chrome browser. You can easily add, remove and change default search engine in Chrome using following procedure. Set

Make Bing as default search in Firefox, IE & Chrome

Bing looks good courtesy its feature laden interface and functionality. This might have tempted to hop from Yahoo / Google to Bing as your default search engine in your favorite web browser. Here goes the process to set Bing as your default search engine and be a Binger! Internet