5 Gmail security settings to check for account safety

All of us want to keep email conversations private and hence security of an email account is very important. Gmail users can easily ensure safety and security of their email account by following few basic steps. Following is listing of Gmail settings and features that should be checked to

Email ID to report Phishing of Facebook account

Facebook has so many users worldwide making it a paradise for bad guys wanting to steal personal and financial information. Phishing is an attempt to steal personal information like account username and password or financial information through impersonation or spoofing. For example: a bad

Create more secure & complex iPad login passcode

By default, iPad has simple passcode feature allowing you to select only 4 digits password. You can use this feature and lock ipad with login password to restrict usage. Using simple passcode has serious limitation of password being too simple. The default simple password feature only

How to find all Login passwords stored on Windows

Ability to save username and password (login) details is a common feature in number of Windows applications. Programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer allow users to save login password details. This results in quicker login into web accounts of email,

Can I remove Download button from photos on Facebook

Facebook has been adding lot of enhancements to photos section. Every photo you upload has 'Download' button allowing quick downloading of current photo on Facebook website. Hence, any user who has access to view specific photos will get to see 'download' button and can use it to download

Disable & prevent Google Docs file downloading

Privacy and security of documents is very important whether they are created offline using Microsoft Office program or made online using Google Docs service. There is constant worry of securing documents containing sensitive information. Google Docs users can tighten control on documents

Download AVG Anti-Virus 2012 free version

AVG is one of best free anti-virus security software available for computer users. AVG has now released new 2012 version which is better and faster than previous releases. AVG is releasing 3 security products for 2012 series including: free AVG anti-virus 2012, AVG Internet Security and

Best tips to protect & secure Facebook account

Facebook account is an online identity for majority of users. Hence, it is important to secure your Facebook account. You can easily secure and protect Facebook account from bad elements by following few basic routines. It involves keeping your computer and web browsing habits in good

‘Your computer appears infected’ message on Google Search

"Your computer appears to be infected - It appears that your computer is infected with software that intercepts your connection to Google and other sites" - Learn how to fix this. Did you see such message on Google Search website while searching for something? Google now displays this

Portable USB protection software from Bitdefender

Gone are days of floppy drives and CD discs to share data. USB pen drives have become very common medium to store, transfer and share data quickly. With goodness of USB drive portability comes the risk of infection as a result of autorun malware (and viruses). Infections like

Enable https on Twitter account

Now you can access Twitter website in more secure environment by enabling https setting. This enhances security and protects against possible hacking even when Twitter website is accessed on unsecured wifi internet connection. You can turn on https setting for your Twitter account from

Is someone else using my Facebook account

Majority of internet users have Facebook account and use it actively to stay connected with their Facebook buddies. Have you noticed anything strange or mischievous to your Facebook account - like noticing an update, comment, image that you never wrote or added on your Facebook account.