Download free iPad wallpapers [1024 X 1024]

Standard size wallpapers like 1024 X 768 or widescreen wallpapers do not fit properly on Apple iPad. It has screen resolution of 1024 x 768 at 132 pixels per inch (ppi). Since, we can rotate iPad from landscape to portrait and vice-versa - iPad wallpaper size has to be 1024 X 1024 to fill

Download National Geographic wallpapers automatically

National Geographic is one big organization covering different aspects of nature, life and present world. It has dedicated TV channel, magazine and website with huge archive of exclusive images of people, places, animals, plants etc. Now you can download those cool images and set them as

Create own custom wallpaper online: x3studios

Majority of us do not have time and interest to spare lot of time to learn Photoshop or other graphic editing software in order to create custom wallpapers. However, majority of us do crave for custom wallpapers with favorite tagline, name, colors, design and so on. X3studios online

Download Windows Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers & Themes

If you happen to use Windows Mobile phone like HTC Pure, HTC Imagio, Samsung Intrepid - then here are lots of goodies to spice up your mobile experience. Microsoft Windows Phone website offer loads of download-able goodies including ringtones, wallpapers and colorful themes for your mobile

Create colorful Gradient wallpaper & set on desktop

Do you love simple yet colorful wallpaper on the desktop? If yes, then give a spin to Wallpaper Generator program. It allows you to create Gradient wallpapers of different color combination. You can play around and be creative by choosing a different color for each corner of the

Download New Opera 10 desktop wallpapers

Newer version of Opera (10) browser should be available for download in few hours. Just like Opera 9.6 release and cool official Opera 9.6 wallpapers- here are few glitzy Opera 10 desktop wallpapers. They are cool looking desktop wallpapers with focus on word / number "10", since its

Download new Snow Leopard desktop wallpapers [OSX 10.6 photos]

Bundled desktop images of upcoming version of operating system releases always cause excitement and urge for quick download. We have already seen loads of Windows 7 OS official desktop wallpapers download and here something similar for new release of Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 Related:

Create high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers with free photo generator

Do you love the view of earth from space? Well, its time to play around with this view and generate cool looking Earth desktop wallpapers. Desktop Earth 2.0 is a handy (online & offline) application to generate high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers after selecting your

Download Sydney lightning storm wallpaper that won Bing Photo contest

Bing search engine from Microsoft has daily fresh eye candy wallpaper on its homepage. We have already seen number of tips and resources to grab those cool images from Bing homepage. Bing recently organized contest inviting users to send their photos to appear on Bing homepage. As

Harry Potter & the half blood prince Wallpapers, photos

Harry Potter mania is back on big screen. Latest edition of Harry Potter movie "the half blood prince" is about to release in coming days. Before the movie hits the big screen, catch all Harry Potter goodies from this edition of Harry Potter adventure. Official website has all the goodies

US Independence Day (4th July) Wallpapers & photos

Independence Day (4th July) is around the corner. We have already seen Yahoo Messenger goodies to get into the spirit of 4th July Independence Day. Here are few more goodies for color splash in your Techno Life. Checkout cool resources to download US Independence Day (4th July) wallpapers

Google Analytics widescreen desktop wallpapers

Google logos across different web services has undergone makeover. Even logo for Google Analytics service is all new and fresh. Celebrating the new look are following Google Analytics desktop wallpapers created by Brett Crosby and Leo Baghdassarian from the Google Analytics Team. There are