Create & Download Wallpapers for your BlackBerry

Give your BlackBerry a new look by creating  unique wallpapers. BBsnapprovide an easy, no frills way to create wallpaper for your BlackBerry beauty. Get started by uploading your image by entering

Download Official Opera 9.6 Wallpapers

Final version of Opera 9.6 is available for download. It has cool features of RSS feed preview and access. Here are few cool official Opera 9.6 wallpapers to add sizzle to your desktop. Checkout:

100+ Free Wallpapers from MSN with Auto Updates

'Wallpapers from MSN - beta' is a small application that give you access to over 100 awesome wallpapers automatically. Wallpapers collection range from beautiful landscape to sleeping puppies, action sports to clips of your Xbox games.

Windows Vs Walls Wallpaper, Download it now

Its Windows Vs Walls - the new pitch line for Microsoft Ad campaign. Advertisement show a wall with cutout of 'Windows logo'.

Get Official WordPress Logos, Wallpapers & Buttons

Wordpress is no alien term if you are into blogging. Do you love Wordpress and need goodies to show the same? Well, download loads of Wordpress stuff from official wordpress page. You can download different types of Wordpress logos

Windows 7 Wallpapers, Seven Heaven on Desktop !

Windows7 is the next operating system in Windows series to be launched in 2010 or later. We have already seen official Windows Seven blog and speculated screenshots of the OS in action. Checkout glitzy Windows7 wallpapers to

Embed & Display Multiple photos on Desktop Wallpaper

Bored of single desktop image? Well, you can spice up your desktop with multiple images embeded and floating on different parts of desktop wallpaper using 'Deaktop Takeover'. This free software allows you to embed images

Independence day wallpapers, Desktop Freedom Colors

India Celebrates Independence Day on August 15, 2008. Get involved in celebration 'Techno Style' by adding freedom colors to your desktop with Independence Day Wallpapers.  

Let Computer Download & Change Wallpaper for You

There are number of wallpaper changers that will change the wallpaper on your computer after pre-defined time from selected set of wallpapers. How about a program that downloads fresh wallpapers from internet and change it for you? Free application Bee Wallpapers does the same. It

Windows XP Gloss Wallpaper in 15 Colors, Download It

Microsoft is all set to dump Windows XP but it still got loads of users. Microsoft is keeping itself busy with Windows Vista and Mojave experiment to Trick & please Windows users. You can get busy downloading and setting

Beijing Olympics Wallpaper & Screensavers Downloads

Beijing Olympics are coming your way soon and China is all busy controlling air pollution in Beijing by banning private vehicles. You can get busy too in Olympics spirit by flaunting official Beijing Olympics Mascot Wallpapers and Screensavers on your computer. Here is preview of

Download Microsoft Silverlight Desktop Wallpaper

Microsoft Silverlight has own official wallpaper now. Microsoft released an awesome desktop wallpaper for this product. I am sure you want to download it and grace your desktop, this beauty will be on my desktop atleast for a week. For starters, Microsoft Silverlight is a