Download free 2012 Calendar: Word, Excel, Powerpoint templates

Time moves on quickly, we are already in year 2012 and its time to change those yearly calendars. If you love to customize and print own calendars using Microsoft Office program - so here we move forward from 2011 calendar templates to all new calendar templates for year 2012. You can

Update MS Office 2010 with Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) software update for Microsoft Office 2010 Windows users. You can grab this free update for Office 2010 software on your Windows PC for improvements in stability, performance and security. If are not regularly updating Microsoft Office 2010

Download MS Office converters & viewers

Microsoft Office suite has programs like Word, Access, PowerPoint that accept files of different formats and allow you to save content in various more formats. One can use MS Office converter and viewer programs to enhance and reduce limitations caused due to different file formats at

Change basic theme color of Office Word 2010

Are you bored of default interface color of Microsoft Word Office 2010 program on your Windows computer? You can freshen up the look by customizing theme color of Office Word 2010 interface. You can change between blue, silver or black theme color options for interface of Microsoft Office

Download 2011 calendar Office templates

There are still few months left to spill over to year 2011. However, you can start preparation for next year by selecting perfect template for 2011 Calendar. You can download free Microsoft Office 2011 calendar templates from Microsoft's website. You can browse and download

Embed fonts in Word document for same look

Every computer with different version of Windows and Microsoft Office software has different set of fonts to work around. Also, users can install fonts on Windows for more customization. When a Word document is opened on a different computer, it may appear different if fonts used in the

Ways to hide & remove Ribbon in Office 2010

Ribbon is a part of every application in Microsoft Office (2007, 2010) suite. It is useful to quickly find commands you need to complete tasks in specific Office application. It display commands clustered into logical groups. You can click through specific tabs in ribbon to access more

Use mouse as Laser pointer in PowerPoint show

PowerPoint presentation is an interactive and rich medium to share information with lot of people. During a presenstation you may want to point attention to specific content on Powerpoint slide - how about using a laser pointer? Instead of using seperate laser pointing device you can

Insert live webpages in PowerPoint slideshow

By default, you can add a clickable hyperlink to a webpage / website on slides of your PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Do you want to add and insert actual live webpages on PowerPoint show? You can easily do this using free 'Live Web' PowerPoint addon. It allows you to display live

Create & print Business Cards in MS Word

Business cards form an important constituent of any business irrespective of its size. While large business setup can afford professional services for customized business cards for unique identity, same it not true for small business owners. However, even small business owners can create

How to repair & remove MS Office 2010

Do you want to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 software installed on the computer? User may want to remove MS Office for re-installing it again in order to fix specific error. Alternatively, you can attempt to repair copy of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on the computer instead

Create ‘table of contents’ TOC page in Word 2010

If you are writing a professional document in Word application, then 'table of contents' is a must have page. TOC page serve as index page containing reference links to topics being discussed in the given document along with respective page numbers. It allows reader to view summary