Compress & reduce size of PowerPoint 2010 slideshow

PowerPoint slideshows provide rich visual medium to showcase and explain about any topic. However, with lot of style elements, images, video embeds - final size of PowerPoint slideshow presentation file can be very big. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has 'Compress Media' feature for reducing

Embed & trim videos in PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 application has improved video embedding and editing functionality. Unlike previous versions of PowerPoint, there is no need to rely on external software to able to embed and display videos in PowerPoint Slideshows. You can easily embed videos using

Order to buy Microsoft Office 2010 online

Newer version of Microsoft Office 2010 should be available by June 2010 in retails store across US. Microsoft Office 2010 promises lot of improvement and feature enhancements over previous Office 2007 version. You can pre-order either version of MS Office 2010 online now and get

How to add Watermark to Microsoft Word document

A watermark is faint text or image in the background of the document. Watermark enhances the appearance of your document and also serve as added protection from illegal copying of documents. For example, official company documents have their official logo or company byline text on

Free Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010 upgrade

Are you delaying purchase of Microsoft Office 2010 for direct purchase of new Office 2010 instead of current purchase of Office 2007 version? Well, there is no need for such delay - you can buy Office 2007 today and get Free upgrade to Office 2010 as and when it is launched later this

Disable Groove Folder Synchronization in Windows 7

Does that boggle your mind when Microsoft Office 2007 starts displaying Groove folder Synchronization according to default method of automatic selection during installation. You can change this by manually configuring and disabling few options as per requirement and put end to the

MS Office 2010 minimum system requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 suite should be out in few months from now. We have already seen official MS Office price and versions list. MS Office 2010 has lot of new features to play around with. If you are planning to use Office 2010, make sure your existing computer meet minimum requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 price & versions

Recently Microsoft released beta release of MS Office 2010. Official launch date of Microsoft Office 2010 should be in the month of June 2010. While exact date is not known, Microsoft has revealed pricing details of MS Office 2010 package which will be available in 4 versions: Office Home

10 New features of Microsoft Office 2010 release

Microsoft Office 2010 promises lots of new features and enhancements. This version looks a step ahead of previous Microsoft Office versions. Overview preview has brought forward interesting new features expected to grace Microsoft Office 2010. Here is run down of 10 new features: 1.