How to create disposable alias Yahoo email IDs

Yahoo email service now support alias (disposable and temporary) email IDs linked to primary Yahoo Mail account. You can create disposable email ID from within existing Yahoo Mail account and provide that email ID to people and service where you do not wish to disclose actual Yahoo email

How to get shortest Email address on internet

We are use to email addresses,, and so on. Email IDs on these services look professional with solid email infrastructure back end. Problem is, majority of email IDs with common name and words are not available on these services. In this case, one has to

Send Out of Office & Vacation auto reply in Gmail & Yahoo

Are you going on vacation and will be out of office for few days? One one wants to deal with email sending chores while on vacation. You can easily setup vacation responder in Gmail and Yahoo email account to enjoy holidays to fullest. Vacation responder will automatically send reply to

How to prevent Email address capture by spam bots

Your email address is very valuable for online marketing companies and they are always ready to capture it. Once spammers get hold of your email ID details, the ordeal of automated spam email messages begin. One might argue: "I never submitted my email ID to any list, still receiving lot

Easily filter & track sent Gmail messages by labels

If you send lot of email messages using Gmail service, then you must be spending lot of time in 'Sent Mail' section trying to find and look for specific sent message(s). Ideally, every sent Gmail message can be found in 'Sent Mail' section. To make things easier for sent email message(s)

Delete & remove Email accounts from iPad

Besides accessing visually rich content, Apple iPad can be used to check and send email messages. You can setup email account on ipad by adding one or more email accounts. For privacy, you may delete any or all email accounts on your ipad (say, when you are loaning iPad to a friend

Open & read Gmail emails without internet in offline mode

Do you want to open and view email messages on Gmail without internet? Concept of offline Gmail has been for sometime now. Earlier it was implemented using Google Gears and offline Gmail option under Labs. However, these options are no longer available to access Gmail without internet. Now

How to setup & get email ID address

Now any Facebook user can get unique email address for sending and receiving messages. It will be your social inbox where focus will be on actual message and sender. There are no usual email elements like subject lines, cc and bcc as found in popular email service providers

How to email multiple photos from iPad

Do you want to share photos on your Apple iPad via email? You can easily select and send multiple photos from iPad to any email address. There is no need to download or install any special app for emailing photos on iPad. You can simply use inbuilt functionality on iPad to quickly send

Change Gmail inbox style to view unread, important, starred emails

Gmail is a daily routine for many web users. With so many email messages sent and received - managing email overload can be a task. Gmail introduced Priority inbox feature sometime back to ease out email overload and allow quick viewing of emails that are important to you. Now Gmail has

How to Hide email address on Facebook profile

Facebook profile and privacy settings change all the time. There are few basic privacy settings that you should control like hiding profile from Google and other search engines for your account. You can also enforce strict control and prevent revealing of Email ID associated with your

Invalid email address error at Facebook sign-up

"Please enter a valid email address" - are you getting this error while trying to create new Facebook account? This happens when there is problem with email ID  (according to Facebook terms and conditions) being provided by you at the sign-up webpage. Since Facebook is for personal use,