How to get shortest Email address on internet


We are use to email addresses,, and so on. Email IDs on these services look professional with solid email infrastructure back end. Problem is, majority of email IDs with common name and words are not available on these services. In this case, one has to settle with long and lengthy email ID. If you are ready to try alternatives, then register shortest and smallest possible email address for personal use.

Email service providers with shortest IDs

1. email ID from is possibly shortest (quality!) email ID service provider. Since Dr is short form for doctor – people in medical professional will love to have free email ID (like Even common users will love to have ID for that extra professional touch.

shortest email id from service provider

2. email ID from network 18 group in India also offer shortest email IDs. You can get email ID like from this service. As such in stands for India but anyone from any country can register ID (in does have literary meaning as “in”side).

shortest email id service provider

3. email ID takes shortest ID to another level. You can grab very short email ID like from this email service provider. Unlike other providers like and – this short ID is little difficult to remember or recall.

Do they provide good and robust email service – While registering shortest email ID is easy but do they provide email service that matches to likes of Gmail and Yahoo. Well, from and do provide good email service – try them for sure.



  1. Hi i m using mail..i need a pop and smtp port details for outlook configuration for thr same mail..plz reply me if any one know..send me thru my mail

  2. Does any one have idea to configure email into outlook or eudora?

    If yes, pls email me on

  3. Rakesh Patel says

    Hey I have used email id but the main problem is that there is no guidence to configure it on outlook express.

    Does any one have idea to configure email into outlook?

    if yes please email me on

  4. Signed up but guess the email id with my first name was already taken out :(

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