Ever been to Gmail.Net, its not email service from Google

Gmail does not need any introduction. For starters, it is name of email service provided by Google. We generally use Gmail.com to access this web based email service. Ever been to Gmail.net ? Ideally, one would think Gmail.net will point to Gmail.com and you can access your Gmail email

How to get shortest Email address on internet

We are use to email addresses @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @outlook.com and so on. Email IDs on these services look professional with solid email infrastructure back end. Problem is, majority of email IDs with common name and words are not available on these services. In this case, one has to

Find physical Server location of host website & ip address

Do you want to know the exact physical location of the server hosting specific website or ip address? You may need such information while researching on prospective hosting company's server location for future use. There are few free online tools that can extract physical geographical

Inform Google of domain name change of website

Google Webmaster Tools is one place from where website or blog owners can see and manage their website status as in Google index. It has undergone interface makeover for more cleaner and feature laden look. It has also launched a new feature 'Change of Address' that should come handy if

Make money from unused domains with Adsense

Do you have un-used domain with message 'Domain under construction' or 'website is closed now'? Instead of showing such messages, now you can make money without much effort using 'Adsense for Domains'. This is now open for all Google Adsense users. AdSense for domains provides links,

Free Domain Name for one year from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is offering free domain name for period of one year. After one year you have to pay $15 per year (not bad!). So, you can easily grab dot com, net, org domains are cool price of $0 While this offer is very attractive, make sure to read all terms and

Integrated Yahoo, Gmail & Downloads area @ In.com

In.com is trying really hard to get attention and visitors on the website. In one single week it broke into top position and is now NO2 website in India. It integrated all its portals on in.com like buzz18.com became buzz18.in.com - ibnlive.com became ibnlive.in.com - and so on. They

MakeUseOf Tech Blog Hacked & Stolen, Crap !

Being famous isn't that easy - it invites all good and bad eyes. MakeUseOf has fallen victim to the same when someone try to hack and steal domain 'makeuseof' and even GOT success. Yeah, if you visit makeuseof now - it will show some strange landing page instead of long blog posts

Yahoo offering .com .net .org domains for $1.99

With cost cutting, many things are getting expensive. Surprisingly Yahoo has come up with tantalising offer of any .com .net or .org domain for just $1.99 for an year. If you are looking for one year hosting of a specific domain, then this offer is a REAL grab. This offer does come

How to resolve IP address of a host & vice-versa?

Want to know IP address of Google.com or Cnn.com? or do you want to know the host name domain of a specific IP address? In either case free utility 'FastResolver' should be handy big time. It resolves multiple host names into IP addresses and vice versa. You can simply type the list of

Dot ME domains up for grabs, Express yourself !

(.ME) a new TLD (Top Level Domain) has opened for public registration. Yeah, this is short, sweet and very easy to remember. Looks like perfect domain for blogs, resumes and personal pages to make that special place on internet. This is attractive for new startups and business ventures

Most Dangerous & Safest Domains to surf are…

"... Hong Kong (.hk) is most Dangerous Country Domain and Finland (.fi) is Safest Country Domain." "...The chance of downloading spyware, adware, viruses or other unwanted software from surfing the Web increased 41.5% over 2007." "... websites which offer downloads such as ringtones