Make money from unused domains with Adsense


Do you have un-used domain with message ‘Domain under construction’ or ‘website is closed now’? Instead of showing such messages, now you can make money without much effort using ‘Adsense for Domains’. This is now open for all Google Adsense users. AdSense for domains provides links, search results, advertisements and other content.


Adsense has easy to follow setup guide to implement ‘Adsense for domains’ on your un-used domains. Just install this and make money from whatever traffic you are getting on those ununsed domains – something is better than nothing!  You are not suppose to do anything after adsense for domains is implemented, just earn money from traffic – easy enough?



  1. That’s cool. Thanx a lot for the tip Davinder. A friend of mine has a few unused domains. Would definitely let him know about Adsense for Domains. Keep up the good work.

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