Google Mail [Gmail] notifier for Windows 7


We have seen number of Gmail notifier programs for Windows & Mac. c2iGmailNotifier is a Google Mail, Gmail notifier specially for Windows 7 operating system. It is a simple application that notify you about new email messages in a stylish pop-up window on the desktop screen. It integrates well with the looks and interface of Windows 7 operating system.



Notifier window show email subject line and sender name. It checks for new emails at specific interval of time (which user can configure). You can also click refresh button to see latest email alerts for your account on Windows 7 desktop. Download c2iGmailNotifier (works only on Windows 7 operating system) and never miss on latest email messages or alerts.



  1. jayme pereira nunes says

    can i use it to turn make gmail my defaul email client whenever I click an email link ?

    • do that in your start menu- click DEFAULT PROGRAMS, click SET YOUR DEFAULT PROGRAMS – on the left is your programs, click the ones you want to make default and they move to the right side and into your DEFAULT CHOICES

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