Gmail email Notifier, Windows & Mac desktop apps


If you are MAC user and want to stay updated on Gmail status without having to open Gmail in web browser – then grab Gmail Notifier application to ease out techno life. Notifier application sends desktop notification for any new email message on your Gmail account and keeps you updated all the time.

1. Official Google Gmail Notifier Mac & Windows

google-account-desktop-notifierGoogle has official Notifier application for Windows & Mac users for sending Gmail and Google Calendar notifications. For Gmail notifications it allow quick preview of the message subject, sender and snippet.

It also reminds of Google Calendar events including date, time, event title, and location. Download MAC Notifier – Windows Notifier

2. Other Gmail Notifier apps

Gmail Counter gadget for Windows Vista show the unread Gmail email message count to stay updates on your Gmail account status.

Gmail Notifier Firefox extension allows you to stay updates on Gmail unread or new email messages status within Firefox browser.

MassGrid GAlert  provides instant Gmail notification and supports multiple Gmail accounts, automatic logins. It is fully skinable with theme support.

GmailStatus is a free desktop Gmail notifier application for MAC OSX users. It shows unread message status in a pop-up box and also support Growl notification styles.



  1. You can also try Multi Email Notifier. It notiifes for multiple google email accounts and many others

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