Use Airdrop for wireless file sharing on MAC OSX Lion

Do you want to quickly share files without wires between MAC systems around? MAC OSX Lion bring new Airdrop feature that allow wireless sharing of files. Best part, it does not require sharing user to be on same Wi-Fi network. It only requires Wifi hardware between sharing systems.

Open & delete Apps in Launchpad on MAC OSX Lion

Launchpad brings a new and very easy way to manage all apps downloaded from the MAC App Store. Just like apps are arranged on Apple iPad, MAC OSX Lion user can find similar grouping of apps under Launchpad screen. It provides one single interface to view installed Apps from MAC App store.

iTunes automatic downloads feature on MAC, Windows

With iOS 5 and iCloud service - automatic downloading of content to different Apple devices functionality should be live very soon. We have already seen easy procedure to enable icloud automatic downloads in iPad and iPhone iOS devices. You can also activate this feature in iTunes

Enable iCloud automatic downloads on iPad & iPhone

iCloud is a new Apple service for iOS devices that retires Mobile Me service. This service automatically pushes content wirelessly to Apple devices (using same Apple ID). You can enable iCloud services by activating automatic downloading of new purchases (including free) on Apple devices.

Setup or disable IPv6 on MAC

IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is a successor and replacement of current IPv4 (version 4). IPv6 is being introduced to overcome shortage of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are longer at 128bits as compared to 32bit long IPv4 addresses. We can easily disable IPv6 on Windows

Install OSX Lion on MAC from Mac App Store

New MAC OSX Lion has lot of new features and worthy upgrade for existing Snow Leopard MAC users. You can easily upgrade Snow Leopard to OSX Lion on your MAC system. For installing OSX Lion, there is no need to buy installation discs from nearest Apple Store. Users with latest version of

Check file downloads for Malware on MAC OSX

MAC OSX users should be careful while downloading files from the internet. Either of downloaded file may contain malware infection which can harm your system and steal personal information. There are number of manual methods to remove malware from MAC systems with malware infection.

How to remove fake Mac Defender malware software

MAC users may have come across offer to download 'Mac Defender' anti virus software for MAC system protection. This so called anti virus software is a malicious software (also known as malware) and intends to cause harm with ultimate goal of grabbing users credit card information which may

Best free anti-virus software for MAC OSX

There are number of free anti virus software for Windows users. Fortunately, lot of free anti virus protection software options are also available for MAC OSX (Apple) users. 'Virus cannot attack MAC OSX' is no longer true. Hence, MAC OSX users should use anti virus protection software to

How to buy apps in MAC app Store

MAC computer users can now access exclusive app store. MAC app store feature variety of apps for MAC users to do more on their MAC computer. You can purchase apps and download them directly on your MAC computer. Also, if you have an existing credit balance on your iTunes Store account

How to install App store on MAC computer

Apple has launched app store for MAC computer users. You can easily get App Store on MAC computer and get going with browsing, purchasing and installation of apps of your choice. You can extend functionality and enhance user experience by installing MAC apps as per your computing

Play Flac audio files in iTunes on Mac OSX

iTunes is one stop media center for MAC OSX users. Like other media files, do you want to playback FLAC audio files within iTunes application? This can be easily done and you can listen to FLAC files within iTunes interface. For starters, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec where