Download ‘Office for Mac’ 2011 PDF product guides

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 suite is available in 13 languages. Office for Mac versions include: Home & Student Edition, Home & Business Edition and Academic Edition. If you have upgraded Office for Mac 2008 or purchased new Microsoft 'Office for Mac' 2011 - then checkout PDF

Free text to speech software for Windows & Mac

Do you want to automatically listen to text on your Windows or Mac system? This is possible with text to speech conversion functionality. You can read any text aloud using free TTS (text to speech) software program. Following are few free text to speech programs that you can use for

Converter to open XML files in old ‘Office for Mac’

Do you want to open XML files created in newer Office for Mac 2008 in older Office for Mac 2004? You can easily do this using "Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.1.6" program from Microsoft. It allows you to convert Open XML files that were created in Office 2008 for Mac or Office

Free upgrade of Office for Mac 2008 to 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 should be available by end of October 2010. Microsoft has already announced Office for Mac 2011 price and version details. User buying Office for Mac 2008 between Aug 1, 2010 and Nov 30, 2010 are eligible for free upgrade to 2011 version as and when it is

Office for Mac 2011 price & versions

Microsoft has announced availability details of newer version of Microsoft Office 2011 suite for MAC users. MS Office 2011 for Mac should be available by end of October 2010. Users buying Office for MAC 2008 from today can also claim free upgrade to Office for MAC 2011. Office 2011 for MAC

How to flush dns on Windows, Mac

DNS cache temporarily store name resolution requests of recently visited websites. This speeds up web browsing, as DNS information can be fetched from DNS cache instead of processing from the start. Incase DNS cache goes bad or corrupt, you can need to clear or flush DNS cache data. This

Setup & use Norton DNS on Mac, Windows PC

Whenever you visit a website (like, its address is converted into respective IP address as computers computers only connect to IP addresses and not human-friendly names. Besides options of using Open DNS and Google DNS,you can also try Norton DNS. Besides faster web browsing

Make audio, video calls between MAC & Windows PC

Do you want to audio / video chat with friends on Windows PC from your MAC system? You can easily do this using latest Microsoft Messenger (beta) software. You can login into Microsoft Messenger and chat using Live ID, which is also used for MSN messenger, Hotmail and other Microsoft

Run Windows program software on MAC OSX system

Have you recently migrated from Windows to a MAC OSX system and sorely missing your favorite Windows program software on MAC? Besides every so popular Wine, you can try "WineBottler" program for MAC. It allows you to run Windows program on MAC systems by bottling them into separate

Remove clipboard Text formatting on Mac

We have seen number of free programs like Plain Text, Strip Mail to remove text formatting from clipboard text on Windows OS. Are you looking for similar free utility for MAC OSX system? Plain Clip is simple and free utility to remove clipboard text formatting with ease on MAC OSX

How to create RAR files on Windows, Mac

Just like ZIP compression format, RAR is another similar archive compression format. RAR is an acronym for Roshal Archive, inspired by the name of its developer: Eugene Roshal. Created RAR archive files have .RAR file extension. WinRAR is best software application to create and open RAR

Backup Tumblr blog [Mac only app]

Tumblr(.com) is a popular free microblogging service. It stands out from other such services for being different in looks with robust features like posting to Tumblr blog via email. There are number of 3rd party tools to do more with your Tumblr blog like tool to generate sitemap of Tumblr