Make audio, video calls between MAC & Windows PC


Do you want to audio / video chat with friends on Windows PC from your MAC system? You can easily do this using latest Microsoft Messenger (beta) software. You can login into Microsoft Messenger and chat using Live ID, which is also used for MSN messenger, Hotmail and other Microsoft services.

Chat with Windows friends from MAC system

Microsoft Messenger for Mac allows you to chat with friends using Windows Live Messenger 2009 on their Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. Hence, besides quick and easy audio / video chats – you don’t have to worry if destination friend contact is using MAC or Windows powered system.

To summarize, MAC users need Microsoft Messenger while Windows user need Windows Live Messenger 2009 for making audio, video calls.

Download Microsoft Messenger

Operating system support – Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) or a later version of Mac OS). Requires usual headphone, webcam for audio – video calls. Download Microsoft Messenger (~22MB).



  1. Chat between PC and Mac is fine. But when I choose make a video call, it never worked!!!

  2. We have the same problem! I hope someone can help us figure this out…

  3. Video call with friends with no sound from Mac to PC
    My friend uses a PC but in a call to my Mac in either Skype or Messenger she can’t hear me. I can see and hear her fine, she can see me. She can talk to other PCs in Messenger no problem. I can also talk to other Macs or PCs in either Skype or Messenger no problem.
    I’m on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and latest beta of Messenger 8.0.0 (100305), and latest version of Skype So far she has no idea what she’s on, my guess is Win Vista and not the latest Messenger or Skype.

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