How to send recorded video messages in Skype

Skype is all time favorite for real time video chatting with friends and family. Now you can also record and send video messages to Skype contacts anytime. New version of Skype allows recording of video messages which can sent to friends and received from Skype contacts for Free. So if

How to remove Skype watermark logo from video chat

A small Skype watermark logo is displayed on the video during video chatting session on Skype. It represent Skype branding while you use Skype for free video chat with friends. By default, this Skype logo is displayed on every video chat. If you do not like display of Skype logo, then

How to setup Facebook video calling feature

Facebook finally gets much requested feature of video calling among Facebook friends. Powered by Skype, now you can video call any Facebook friend within web browser at a click of a button. If you hate typing on usual text chat on Facebook, switch to video calling for voice and video

Enable high resolution video chat on Orkut

Get set to enjoy high resolution video chat on various Google services. We have already seen procedure to activate higher resolution & bigger video chat on Gmail. Now you can enjoy high resolution and better quality video chatting with friends on Orkut. After installing video chat

Higher resolution & bigger video chat in Gmail

Functionality to video chat in Gmail has been available for a while now. You need to install a video chat plugin to get going with video chatting with friends in Gmail. If you are not impressed with video quality and video size during video chatting session using this feature - then here

Download Skype 5.0 beta for group video calling

Skype has added much requested option to video chat with multiple users simultaneously. Till now we could only make multiple users audio conference call using Skype software. Latest Skype release support video conference calling with each user able to see video and hear audio from other

Make audio, video calls between MAC & Windows PC

Do you want to audio / video chat with friends on Windows PC from your MAC system? You can easily do this using latest Microsoft Messenger (beta) software. You can login into Microsoft Messenger and chat using Live ID, which is also used for MSN messenger, Hotmail and other Microsoft

Full Screen Video Chat with Orkut friends

Google is all busy rolling out video chat feature in different Google services. So, after video chat in Gmail inbox and iGoogle startpage - similar feature is live for Orkut users. Now you can (full screen) video chat with Orkut friends one on one with ease while browsing Orkut. Start

Video chat with iGoogle start page friends

iGoogle is a start page for number of users to access customized information like: news, emails, blog posts and much more. It also allows you to chat with iGoogle friends. Now you can extend this chatting experience by doing video chat with iGoogle friends. Video chat was introduced for

Record & save webcam video of messenger chat

Do you want to record webcam video of video chat done through messenger? EatCam Webcam recorder software makes this process real easy and allows you to record video chat webcam videos from MSN, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. You can save the output in AVI, FLV, WMV video format and play

Voice & Video Chat in Gmail, Get it Now !

We can chat with Gmail friends with integerated chat in Gmail inbox. Hang on, Gmail is making things more interactive with introduction of voice and video chat in Gmail. So, besides typing 'Hi' 'Hello' - you can speak and see your friend saying 'Hi' 'Hello' and lots more. This new