Full Screen Video Chat with Orkut friends


Google is all busy rolling out video chat feature in different Google services. So, after video chat in Gmail inbox and iGoogle startpage Рsimilar feature is live for Orkut users. Now you can (full screen) video chat with Orkut friends one on one with ease while browsing Orkut.


Start Video Chat on Orkut

1. Download & install small plugin to enable video chat.
2. Login into Orkut, friends with green camera icon are ready for video chat.
3. Open chat window, goto Actions > Start Video Chat

For better view you can pop-out the video chat window and increase its size or go fullscreen. Video chat for sure is a better way to interact with (already addicitve) Orkut friends community, like it? [via OrkutBlog]



  1. helo

  2. i am a house wife. i want to makes some new friends.

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