Get Direct Messages from Twitter users without following them

By default, we need to follow specific Twitter user for it to have ability to send direct messages to you. In more simple words, to able to send and receive DMs (Direct Messages) on Twitter both interacting users must follow each other. This is not required anymore. Now you can receive

How to setup & get email ID address

Now any Facebook user can get unique email address for sending and receiving messages. It will be your social inbox where focus will be on actual message and sender. There are no usual email elements like subject lines, cc and bcc as found in popular email service providers

Add LinkedIn share buttons to website

LinkedIn is a popular website to create profile of your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can network and connect with like minded professionals through linkedIn website. If you are a blogger or webmaster, then you can add new 'LinkedIn Share' buttons to your blog, website or

How to UnBlock person on Facebook

You may not want to be friend to every other person on Facebook and only add known people to Facebook profile. You can easily block people on Facebook, whom you do not want to interact on Facebook. However while using this block feature, you may accidentally block and report Facebook user

How to create Groups on Facebook

Do you want to interact with specific group of friends on Facebook regarding specific 'private' topic? You can easily do this without worrying about privacy by creating group of Facebook friends (as per requirement). Facebook group(s) allows you to selective share information within a

Search & find celebrity Facebook pages

Lot of celebrities, actors, media companies and brands use Facebook to interact with Facebook users. If your Facebook timeline is boring, you can spice up with updates from celebrities of your choice. To get started, search Facebook page of specific celebrity, brand or company. In a single

‘Not now’ to hide Friend requests on Facebook

Do you want to ignore friend request on Facebook? Ideally, there is option to confirm yes or no to Facebook friend requests. However, now you can ignore any received friend request to consider accepting it in future using 'Not Now' option. 'Not Now' feature does not delete or mark NO to

How to add official Twitter ‘tweet’ button

Websites and blogs can display quick share Twitter buttons for easy sharing of content by users. As of now, we have used third party buttons that enable users on specific website or blog to post and share article links on Twitter. Now you use official Twitter 'tweet' buttons on your blog

How to create new Facebook account

Lot of users socialize using Facebook. If you happen to use MySpace, Orkut and want to switch to Facebook - you can easily get started by creating a new Facebook profile. You can create new Facebook account for free and this only require a valid email address. Following is quick procedure

Auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut

If you are an active user of Youtube and Orkut, then you can easily share Youtube activities with Orkut buddies. You can setup and link your Orkut profile with Youtube account to automatically publish updates on Orkut. You can auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut related to: Youtube

Can I merge two Facebook accounts into one profile

Facebook can be very addicitive and users may be tempted to maintain multiple Facebook accounts for different type of interaction in each account. For starters: maintaining multiple Facebook accounts is not allowed as per Facebook 'Terms of use'. Incase you have created 2 or more accounts

How to remove Facebook applications

Facebook is a hugely popular social networking website that even children are tempted to create Facebook account for addictive interaction. With lot of personal information connected to each Facebook profile, it is important to keep it safe and secure. One easy way to achieve this is by