Use Facebook Like button on any website in Chrome

Facebook has introduced tools to display like button on website or blog. User can click like button on specific website to show his liking of the content and same will be posted on his Facebook timeline. Since it is new, not many websites or blogs have Facebook like button. If you are a

Download hi5 photos with portable downloader tool

Hi5(.com) is a popular social networking website. Users can create free profile and add friends to start online interaction. Uploading and sharing photos by each member is an important routine. Do you want to quickly download photos uploaded by Hi5 users? This can be easily achieved using

How can parents access their children Facebook account

Facebook is an addictive social networking website. As a result, many (including children) want to create account on Facebook to join the action. By default, Facebook requires its users to be at least 13 years old to able to create an account. Did your child provide wrong age information

What is minimum age to create Facebook account

Facebook is used lot of people throughout the world. Majority of users are young and techno savvy wanting to interact 24X7 through their Facebook profiles. With lot of stuff going on Facebook, certain things are not deemed satisfactory for young minds. As a results, Facebook has minimum

Add & display new Digg buttons, widgets

Digg(.com) is a popular social bookmarking website. Recently, it has undergone a makeover with new tweaked look and features. As a results, we also have new digg share buttons that can be displayed on your blog or website. Even digg widget showing digg posting activity has cool new

List Twitter users you Follow & also Follow you back

Besides sending regular updates or tweets from Twitter account, number of user you follow and number of users following you back is also important. We have already seen how to check Twitter users that you follow but do not follow you back. Here is an easy way to find out Twitter user you

How to find Facebook Profile ID number

What is my Facebook profile ID? Many Facebook users could be looking for this answer as Facebook profile ID may be required for different tasks lik for using few Facebook applications, managing RSS feeds and much more. You can easily locate Facebook profile ID from profile photo properties

How to block friends on Facebook

On Facebook, one can find and make number of friends by exploring profiles, sending friend requests. However, often we receive friend requests from people that do not interest us. So, how do you stop a person from becoming your friend on facebook? You can easily achieve this by blocking

Someone remove as Facebook friend: UnFriender

Adding new friends on Facebook gives good feeling, as your are increasing your friend circle on Facebook. But what you do when someone deletes you from the friend list?  You will never come to know if someone has deleted you from his/her friend list. Number of friends in the list will

Link Google, Gmail, Yahoo accounts with Facebook account

Do you want to automatically sign into Facebook account when you login into your Gmail, Google or Yahoo Mail account? This can be easily done by linking other online accounts with your existing Facebook account. After linking, as and when you login into any linked account - you also get

Get Facebook, Twitter updates in Gmail inbox

Are you driven away by the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and cannot stay away from account updates even for a while? So lets collaborate them all into one big platform Gmail, which now paves way to integrate such websites into one place. Now surf Facebook and Twitter

Make free 3D avatars online [social profile icons]

Using a unique image avatar at different social websites is a must do task. Most easy way to achieve this is by cropping own image or any other favorite photo and use it as avatar photo. How about using 3D avatar image on your profile at different social websites? Following are few easy to