List Twitter users you Follow & also Follow you back


Besides sending regular updates or tweets from Twitter account, number of user you follow and number of users following you back is also important. We have already seen how to check Twitter users that you follow but do not follow you back. Here is an easy way to find out Twitter user you follow and also follow you back on Twitter.

Check Followed users following back on Twitter

1. Goto & login into your account.

2. Click ‘Direct Messages’ button on the left side.

3. Then check list of Twitter users in drop down box at the top.

These are Twitter users you follow and also follow you back – as by default, direct messages can only be sent if you follow and get followed by a specific Twitter user. Easy, isn’t it?



  1. I always follow back…

  2. Great post!
    I auto follow back…

  3. Great little tip, thanks for putting this together!

  4. follow me and ill follow right away

  5. I auto follow back

  6. Umm.. the drop down only lists out the latest 100 or so of your followers, not everyone. And it’s not necessary that you should be following them, it’s enough if they follow you :)

  7. The drop down doesn’t seem to list down all the friends-who-follow, I guess it is the list of people with whom you have had a Direct Message conversation.

    BTW, I personally use for looking into friends-followers and make a decision on following.

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