Get Direct Messages from Twitter users without following them

By default, we need to follow specific Twitter user for it to have ability to send direct messages to you. In more simple words, to able to send and receive DMs (Direct Messages) on Twitter both interacting users must follow each other. This is not required anymore. Now you can receive

How to use Vine for creating short videos

Vine videos are getting popular on the internet. Vine service is supported by Twitter that allows you to create short looping videos. You can make short videos of 6 seconds or less with sound using Vine App. Just like short text updates on Twitter or static photo updates on Instagram, Vine

How to Download tweets archive file of Twitter account

Even with few tweets per day, one can end up with huge number of tweet messages shared on Twitter over a period of time. Ever wanted to save all tweet messages and browse them offline without any internet connection. Twitter has now made available official way to download complete tweets

Get back viewing Instagram photos on Twitter

Instagram has stopped support for inline display of instagram photos on Twitter timelime. Are you missing easy integrated display of instagram photos shared on Twitter pages? Previously, instagram images appeared in Twitter cards making it very easy to view and share further. Now, only

Enable new Twitter profile layout by uploading header photo

Twitter has introduced new look profile pages. Unlike Facebook which went for radical "over the top" with its timeline profile layout, new Twitter profile layout is a refreshing change. It is not radically different instead is an extension of exiting Twitter profile layout. Most prominent

How to find fake & spam Twitter followers

Spam is everywhere be it email, Facebook or even Twitter. You may have come across screaming hype of 20,000+ followers for a specific Twitter account and so on. Ever wondered, how many of these are real Twitter users actually interested in tweets you post? There are lot of spam or fake

Find most valuable, popular & best follower on Twitter

On Twitter, many other Twitter users follow you to view, share and interact with tweets you post on regular basis. Ever wanted to discover and find your most valuable follower on Twitter. It implies, "One Twitter follower that deserve recognition as most popular, valuable and best

Delete all tweets without deleting Twitter account user ID

Do you want to start fresh by deleting all tweets in your existing Twitter account? This sounds good but how do you plan to implement this? Manually deleting tweets one by one will take hours at stretch and not to mention the boredom it will kick start. Fortunately, there are smarter and

Add multiple Twitter accounts on iPad to tweet directly

iOS 5 software updates bring lot of new features on iPad like split keyboard for easy typing with thumbs, iCloud backup and in-built Twitter integration. Just like adding email address on iPad, you can add and setup one or more multiple Twitter accounts on iPad. After addition, you can

How to upload & delete photos on Twitter

Now you can upload and share photos along with tweet message directly on website. This is possible using new 'add an image' option on user interface on Twitter website. You can upload any image from your local computer and post it on your Twitter profile account in few simple

Add new ‘Follow on Twitter’ button

Do you want to add official 'Follow on Twitter' button to your Wordpress blog, website or online journal? Twitter has launched new Twitter Follow button which can be displayed by any website or blog. Similar to Facebook widgets, Twitter Follow button comes in two appearance formats: light

Disable Twitter mention & reply email notifications

Is your inbox over-loaded with Twitter notification messages for every mention or reply for tweets on your Twitter profile? New Twitter version has the option of email notifications for mentions and replies turned ON by default. Hence, you may have seen deludge of new emails from Twitter