Restore & open recently closed Tabs in new Google Chrome

Recent Tabs feature in Google Chrome is very useful specially when you want to recover accidentally closed website tabs. It helps you open and restore recently closed website tabs in Google Chrome. You can browse list of recently closed tabs and open back specific tab or all tabs as per

Disable & remove extensions in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser can be extended in terms of functionality and features as per requirements of specific user. This is possible with the help of Google Chrome extensions. User can download and install Chrome extensions for specific feature set addition. Over period of time, if you have

Change Google Chrome language of user interface

Do you want to use Google Chrome in a different language? Google Chrome supports number of display languages allowing browser use in language of your choice. For this, you need to change language settings of Google Chrome. You can select and add new language in Google Chrome browser

How to auto update Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome introduced extensions allowing users to add more functionality by installing different Chrome extension like to see latest cricket scores, check webpage page rank and much more. If you happen to install lot of Chrome extensions, make sure you update those extensions using

6 ways to Zoom webpages in Google Chrome

Do you want to expand and zoom webpages in Google Chrome browser for finer view? There are number of ways to zoom in or out webpages in Chrome browser. You can expand all or specific elements on a webpage including text and images. Besides the mouse wheel or keyboard shortcut to zoom, you

2 Ways to view Passwords stored in Google Chrome

Just like other web browsers, Google Chrome has in-built password management feature. It allows you to save and store username - password details of your web accounts at Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and much more. Once password is saved, you can login into web accounts quickly without having to

Mouse middle button shortcuts for Google Chrome

We often use mouse to quickly navigate to elements on a webpage. While there are Chrome keyboard shortcuts to perform basic tasks quickly in Google Chrome browser, you can also use mouse's middle button (mouse wheel) for even quicker actions in Chrome. Checkout following listing of mouse

Add Print button to Google Chrome toolbar

Print function is a very basic feature of any web browser. It allows you to print any webpage being viewed in a web browser. Google Chrome has print functionality but the interfacing button is missing. You can easily add print button to Google Chrome toolbar for single click printing

Highlight specific words on webpages in Chrome

Do you want to keep track of specific word(s) on webpages being viewed in Google Chrome browser? You can easily highlight specific keywords on webpages in Chrome browser for easy tracking. This can be done using manual method of searching or using 'keywords highlighter' Chrome

Virtual keyboard to type in any language in Chrome

With internet spreading, more content is available in local custom language interface. Few web service like Google provide virtual keyboard to type in different language using standard (English) keyboard. If you are using Google Chrome web browser to surf the internet, then you can add

Hide or show Bookmarks bar in Chrome

For few users Bookmarks bar is very important component in a web browser. It allows quick hopping to favorite websites with minimum clicking. You can easily manage favorite websites in bookmarks bar in Google Chrome browser. By default, bookmarks bar is visible in new Chrome window. You

Auto refresh webpage tabs in Chrome

Do you want to reload and refresh webpage URLs automatically? Ideally, we need to hit refresh button (or F5) to manually reload a webpage. You can automate this routine in Google Chrome browser for any website, URL or specific tab and make it refresh after specific perioud of time using