Limit maximum number of tabs in Chrome

Tabbed browsing allow easy surfing of multiple websites. However, too many opened tabs at the same time can confuse anyone. Do you want to limit number of tabsthat can be opened simultaneously in Google Chrome browser? You can easily do this using 'Controlled multi-tab browsing'

Change default file download folder in Chrome

If you download lot of files, you may want to customize location for saving downloaded files in Google Chrome browser. By default, all downloaded files are stored in [%UserProfile%\Downloads] folder. You can easily change the default download folder in Chrome. Also, enable option to get

Enable or disable pop-up windows in Chrome

Pop-up windows during web browsing can be annoying. However at times, you may need pop-up windows to able to view important web content. By default, pop-up windows are disabled in Google Chrome browser, you can enable pop-up windows anytime. Chrome also has option to specify exception

Disable Geolocation tracking feature in Chrome

Geolocation feature allows web browser like Google Chrome to inform specific websites about your physical location. By default, this feature is turned ON in Chrome browser. For example, if you browse Google Maps website - you may get pop-up bar at the top for permission by Google Maps to

Disable Flash, Acrobat, Silverlight & Java Chrome plugins

Google Chrome browser has (in-built) plugins installed to support various web technologies like Silverlight, Shockwave Flash, Java, Adobe Acrobat and many more. There is no default user interface button or option to access list of such plugins. Post Chrome 5.x beta, you can view and

Disable language translation toolbar in Chrome

Google Chrome has useful feature of popping language translation bar while browsing non-default language websites in Chrome. This translation bar indicate the current language of the webpage and user can click translate button for quick language translation into his default browser

Inline Google Search on any webpage in Chrome

Do you want to Google Search without closing current webpage or opening new webpage? This is possible using inline Google Search feature, that allows you to search using Google without toggling or opening another webpage for search purpose. You can easily implement inline search in Google

Zoom Facebook photos without clicking full album pages

We tend to share lot of photos on Facebook. No wonder, Facebook has more uploaded photos than popular image hosting websites. Ideally, within photo album we click on each thumbnail photo to zoom and see larger version of that photo. Are you tired of all that clicking to view bigger version

See actual URL behind short tiny URLs in Chrome

We often shortened original webpage URL into short format using URL shortening and snipping services (like tinyurl, Ideally, you cannot know the URL behind the shortened URL until you click through and open the weblink. Google Chrome users can preview any shortened URL by hovering

Vertical browsing Tabs in Google Chrome

Are you bored of usual horizontally aligned tabs button at the top of Google Chrome browser? Extensions can be used for lot of fun with Chrome like flipping webpages upside down or add background to Google search. Vertical Tabs Chrome extension allows you to view all opened tabs in

Generate secure passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome browser can be extended in terms of functionality with ease by installing relevant extensions. We have already seen usefulness of calculator within Chrome. You can also add fully featured password generator in Chrome browser. It allows you to generate secure and complex

Simple math Calculator in Chrome

Do you perform lot of calculations while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? Now you can get simple yet stylish looking calculator within Chrome browsing window. It allows you to perform basic mathemetic calculations at a click of a button. It even works when there is no internet