Disable Flash, Acrobat, Silverlight & Java Chrome plugins


Google Chrome browser has (in-built) plugins installed to support various web technologies like Silverlight, Shockwave Flash, Java, Adobe Acrobat and many more. There is no default user interface button or option to access list of such plugins. Post Chrome 5.x beta, you can view and disable any Chrome plugin with ease using following method.

View & Disable Chrome plugins

1. Launch Google Chrome web browser.

2. Type about:plugins in address bar and hit the Enter key.

3. You can see list of plugins installed for your Chrome browser.

4. Click Disable button to disable any specific plugin.

Listing may include plugins like: Google Gears, Shockwave Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Java Deployment Toolkit, Java Platform, Microsoft DRM, Google Update, Silverlight Plug-In, Windows Presentation Foundation. [Thanks Rak]



  1. Hi, I think the option to disable Java from Chrome / Chromium is somewhere hidden. The instruction here presented doesn’t really disable Java on Chrome / Chromium. Is there any app on the Chrome store to disable Java on Chrome completely? I read somewhere that it is only possible to fully disable Java in Chrome / Chromium using the Developer Build – Is that correct? Any other solution to disable Java completely from Chrome / Chromium without having to use the Dev Build? Thanks!

  2. kevinkimmy says

    my google chrome started to crash after 2 days from whear i downloade cheat engin and wpe pro is that the cause of it i hack games alot and now i can get my google cheome to work fine but whan i shut it down and put it back on the sites that are open get crased and it would not happen befor

  3. tricia mcmillan says

    the plugins come back. is there a way to disable them, and for them to stay disabled?

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