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“Call your cable tv company to cancel your service. Most companies will offer a monthly discount to keep you as a customer. I tried to cancel and was offered $40 off each month. I’m saving over $480 each year now.”

“Don’t be a social network (****book) junkie. Try to divert that time and energy to do something productive. Try to learn one new thing each day. You will be amazed how many really interesting things there to learn.”

“Use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office. It’s able to open and save to Word, Excel, Powerpoint formats. You can download it for free at”

Above are few technology related (clever N cool) money saving tips shared by users at TipJar powered by Google. There are lot of easy tips related to different topics. You can browse tips related to: Finance, Health, Tech, Shopping, Kids & Family, Cars & Transit, Food, Vacation etc.


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